How to Get a Loan from Google Pay

In recent years, Google Pay has become synonymous with hassle-free transactions, instant and secure bill payments, and providing many business services under one roof. It has carved a niche for itself in the world of fintech by offering cashback and other coupons to its users with every transaction. 

However, did you know that you can also avail loans from your favorite payment app? And, it’s so simple!

Here is how to get a loan from Google Pay in just a few clicks!

News About GPay-Aadhaar

Google Pay has introduced Aadhaar-based UPI account activation and PIN setting, eliminating the need for a debit card. This change will further simplify opening a UPI account and is expected to drive more people toward digital transactions. Users must have Aadhaar-linked bank accounts & mobile numbers to onboard using this process.

13 June 2023

Can I Get a Loan from Google Pay?

Google pay itself does not provide loans to its users. However, it acts as a facilitator between the user seeking the loan and the lending partner. 

moneyview, one of India’s leading money lenders, offers loans to customers across India, through Google Pay. 

Follow these simple steps to get an instant personal loan in just 24 hours. 

Note: To get a loan from moneyview, you must have an Android mobile phone

Step 1:  Make sure you have Google Pay installed on your Android phone and login to the app

Step 2: Scroll down to the ‘Businesses’ section and click on ‘Explore’ to access all the services it provides

Step 3: Go to the ‘Finances’ segment where you can find all the lending partners 

Step 4: Here, choose ‘moneyview’ and click on ‘Get Credit

Step 5: You will be redirected to moneyview web page, where you can proceed with your loan application

Step 6: Agree to the terms and conditions of the page to check your eligibility. 

Step 7: In the next step, click on ‘Check your Eligibility’ and find out in just 2 minutes. Here, you can also choose to get updates on your Whatsapp number.

Step 8: Based on your eligibility, you can choose your loan amount and the repayment tenure that suits your financial needs

Step 9: Complete your KYC, verify income in the following step, and submit the loan application

Once the loan is approved, you will receive the amount in your account in just 24 hours!

Eligibility for moneyview Personal Loan

To qualify for a moneyview personal loan, you must fulfill all the requirements, such as 

Documents Required for moneyview Personal Loans 

Our documentation requirements are minimal. We will only require the following -

You will also have to enable the auto-debit facility from your bank account. This is a quick process where you can use a debit card, net banking, or NACH form.

The auto-debit facility will help you pay your EMIs automatically every month without the need for manual intervention.


Google pay has changed the way people receive and send money. It captured a chunk of the Indian market and rose as one of the main players in the digital payments industry. 

Google pay has made getting a loan simpler. Individuals across the country can now avail moneyview loans anytime, anywhere through Google Pay and take a step forward towards financial freedom.

Personal Loan from Google Pay - FAQs

No. Google Pay does not directly provide loans but has partnered up with leading lenders. However, you can choose from several of its pre-approved loan offers.

Google pay allows you to set auto-debit for the EMI every month from the bank associated with your Google Pay account. The bank decides the date of deduction.

Google pay lists several loan providers in its business section. You can choose any loan that suits your needs. The interest you pay will depend on the loan offer and creditor you choose.

In case you don’t have enough money for the EMI, you will be charged a fine and this will also negatively affect your credit score. 

Anyone can get a loan from Google Pay if they satisfy the specific criteria. Recently, Google Pay launched an initiative for new-to-credit customers. It has partnered with several banks such as federal bank, DMI finance, etc to offer personal loans to those who do not have a credit history with any bureau. Customers can apply online for any loan between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 1 lakh.


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