Small Business Ideas for Women in India

As a woman in India or anywhere else if you have financial independence, you can change the quality of your life.

Today, thanks to social media, you won’t even have to step out of your home to showcase your skills and market them for profitable returns. You can set up any business that aligns with your skills regardless of education qualification.

We have listed a few small business ideas for women in India. Whether you are a homemaker, or you are someone who has recently retired/taking a break from her job, these ‘business ideas for women’ can help you kickstart your career right from your home. Check them to know more-

Small Business Ideas for Women in India 2022

While there are many options available for women, we’ve curated some of the top business ideas for women at home. These include -

  • Home Bakery/Tiffin Services

    If you love baking or cooking in general, then you might want to monetize this skill. 

    You can start a tiffin service and deliver home-cooked meals to students and employees who stay in hostels or apartments and away from their families.

    You can also open a social media page or participate in food festivals and events where you can sell your bakery items. Once your social media page starts getting bigger, you can also open your own cake-selling website and expand your business. The initial capital required is not too heavy either.

  • Hand-Made Items

    Thanks to the lockdown, there has been an increased interest in hand-made items, be it jewelry, soaps, candles, etc. Not only are these products useful, they are also aesthetically pleasing, and can be monetized. 

    Once you are confident about your products, you can open a social media page and start selling your products.Word-of-mouth can also play a big role in making your business big. If your craft is good and exquisite, rest assured that your business will soar.

  • Make-up Artist

    The role and career prospects for makeup artists have bloomed thanks to social media. If you have always loved applying makeup on yourself and you are well-versed with the majority of the products, then you can expand this skill and make it your profession. In India, weddings and festive events happen all year round. So, you can take advantage of this to start your business. You can start doing bridal make-up and party make-up and earn well.

    Another way to monetize this skill is to become a beauty blogger or vlogger.

  • Tutor

    Did you know that, as per a recent survey, around 40% of students take tuitions in India which means that this is a lucrative opportunity. 

    If you have experience teaching or are familiar with the subjects taught at school, then you can start taking tuitions for students from your home itself.

  • Yoga Instructor/Dance Instructor

    The need for physical activities have increased significantly during and post lockdown. If you are skilled in yoga, dance, aerobics, etc. then this skill of yours can definitely be monetized. 

    You can either take classes for groups from your own place or a dance studio or even private classes. Using social media to leverage your business is also a great idea.

  • Freelance Writer

    A lot of companies need writers who can handle the content for their website. If you have a flair for writing, you can look out for such opportunities and apply for them. You can earn well by taking up several projects. Plus, you won’t have to leave home to go to an office to do this job. You can work at your own convenience.

In Conclusion

Given above are just a few business ideas for women and there are plenty more. If you are unsure of monetizing your existing skill set, why not take up a course online in the field of your interest. There are plenty of courses available online for a reasonable price.

Setting up a business would also require your motivation and will-power. There are plenty of best business ideas for women’ so find one that interests you. Once you get the ball rolling on your idea, with time and effort, you will be able to free yourself from the shackles of financial dependency.