Small Business Ideas for Women in India

As a woman in India if you have financial independence, you can change the quality of your life. With the booming of social media platforms, you won’t even have to step out of your home to showcase your skills and market them for profitable returns. You can set up any business that aligns with your skills. For example, if throughout your life, you have received compliments for your cooking skills, then you can monetize this skill by opening a tiffin catering service that delivers to youngsters and adults who stay in hostels and PGs. Even if you do not have a higher education degree, you can still open your own business and become an entrepreneur. The cost of setting up small businesses is also not high, so you won’t have to invest a lot of money.

We have also listed a few small business ideas for women in India. Whether you are a homemaker, or you are someone who has recently retired from her job, these ideas can help you kickstart your career right from your home. Check them to know more:

Best Small Business Ideas for Women in India 2021

  1. Small Business Ideas for Women:- Home Baker:
  2. It won’t be wrong to assume that very few people dislike cakes and delicious bakery items. If you love baking and you are well-known for your cakes and biscuits in your family or neighbourhood, then you might want to monetize this skill. You can open a social media page and start selling your items. You can even participate in food festivals and events where you can sell your bakery items. Once your social media page starts getting bigger, you can also open your own cake-selling website and expand your business. To set up a cake shop online, you won’t have to spend much. All you need is an oven and the necessary baking ware.

  3. Small Business Ideas for Women:- Tiffin Services:
  4. You can start a tiffin service and deliver home-cooked meals to students and employees who stay in hostels or apartments and away from their families. It is often seen that students and working professionals who migrate from their home state to another metro city, often crave for home-cooked meals. You can take advantage of this situation and utilise your cooking skills to start the business of tiffin services.

  5. Small Business Ideas for Women:- Hand-made Jewellery:
  6. You can showcase your creative side and start a hand-made jewellery business too. If you are keen on learning more about it, you can check out various videos online that will help you master this skill. Once you are confident about it, you can open a social media page and start selling your products. However, if you do not have a social media account, you can start by selling them to your friends and relatives. Word-of-mouth can play a big role in making your business big. If your craft is good and exquisite, rest assured that your business will soar.

  7. Small Business Ideas for Women:- Make-up Artist:
  8. If you have always loved applying makeup on yourself and you are well-versed with the majority of the products, then you can expand this skill and make it your profession. In India, weddings and festive events happen all year round. So, you can take advantage of this to start your business. You can start doing bridal make-up and party make-up and earn well.

  9. Small Business Ideas for Women:- Tutor:
  10. You can give tuitions to students from primary to high school depending on your convenience. If you have teaching experience, then you can hone it even more by opening a tuition center at home.

  11. Small Business Ideas for Women:- Yoga Instructor:
  12. If you know how to do yoga and you have good experience doing it for years, you can share this skill with those who want to learn. You can take yoga classes at your home or at any public park in the morning and earn money every month.

  13. Small Business Ideas for Women:- Freelance Writer:
  14. A lot of companies need writers who can handle the content for their website. If you have a flair for writing, you can look out for such opportunities and apply for them. You can earn well by taking up several projects. Plus, you won’t have to leave home to go to an office to do this job. You can work at your own convenience.


Apart from the above-mentioned ideas, you can even explore other areas that would fit your skills the best. Now, if you are thinking that you do not have any such skill to monetize, even then you can go ahead and start a business by first learning a skill. For example, if you wish to become a baker, you can learn baking by watching videos online or by attending workshops. This way, you can always find a skill, learn it, and make money from it. Setting up a business would also require your motivation and will-power. If you believe in and trust yourself, you can definitely do it. So, if you wish to set up a small business, start charting out your plan and eventually working towards it. Once you get the ball rolling on your idea, with time and effort, you will be able to free yourself from the shackles of financial dependency.