Advance Salary

Eagerly waiting for the month to end is something you do far too often? You would not be the only one doing so. In today’s world, with rising prices and inflation just probably being an everyday routine, getting by may seem difficult. Salary vanishes in just bills and groceries, leaving very little for you to get by till the end of the month.

Then comes the uncertainties of life, which may topple your already shaky financial planning and there is seemingly nothing you can do but watch your funds run dry far earlier than you thought it would.

Advance salary loan is something that comes in handy at times when you need funds the most, just to get by till the end of the month. This is simply because sometimes, far too often these days, the wait for the end of the month ends up being a long one.

What is an Advanced Salary Loan?

These are loans that are credited in the borrower’s account whenever the borrower needs. The Borrower is then expected to pay as soon as the salary is credited in their account. This repayment is to be done in instalments.

These loans get a faster approval than other loans as they are short term loans. This is why these loans are also called early salary loans.

However, these loans consider the following eligibility criteria before approving the loan you applied for:

  • The loan is to be given to salaried individuals who are over 23 years of age.

  • The individual should have be working in a credible organization, must have good credit scores and a fair amount of bank balance as well.

  • The salaried individual should have a minimum income of Rs 20,000. This requirement is subject to location and may fluctuate as per change in location.

  • The individual should reside in a city for at least a year.

  • The individual should have at least 2 years of work experience

Advance salary application in India requires you to follow these mandates. But in any case you miss out on these; you should not be in a fix to make ends meet. This is why MoneyView exists.

Why MoneyView?

MoneyView offers you loans in the most convenient manner possible. Getting instant salary advance may be a hard thing to come by. But with MoneyView, you get quick loans, anytime, anywhere. The ease we provide in advance salary loans make us the best advance salary app there is.

Not just speedy loans, but you also get features that make repaying loans an easy experience. You would not have to pull off extra hours at work to repay your loans. With our loans, you get the power to drive your loan the way you find it to be convenient.

Here are some of our features you should know of:

  • Instant speedy loans: All you need to do to get a loan from us is to download the app and apply for a desired amount that will help you get through to the end of the month. You can choose from Rs 10,000 to Rs. 5 lacs, based on your requirement. Once the documents you provide are verified, you get your loan in a matter of hours.

  • Customizable to suit your needs: Imagine availing a loan that bends to suit your needs. That is just the kind of loan we provide. Flexible and easy loans that you can avail from the confines of your house, without having to go through any hassle whatsoever. You get to repay your loans within a span of 3-12 months. This gives you the leeway to design your loans the way you want to, without having them falling too heavy on your monthly expenses.

  • Virtual documentation: In the era of digitization, why should applying for a loan remain old-school? MoneyView allows you to get loans by just uploading the softcopies of your documents. This makes accessing loans from anywhere a possibility.

  • Secure: Loans from us are entirely secure, as our formidable security system makes sure that you have nothing to worry about. All the private information you provide to us remains inaccessible to anyone other than the concerned personnel.

To wrap it up, Advance salary loans in India may not be all that easy to come by, but with MoneyView, it is. Waiting for your payday should not be a long wait. MoneyView helps you make your ends meet.