Different Types of Personal Loans

Personal loans are unsecured loans provided to the borrower without any collateral. These loans are quick to avail and cater to several of our financial needs, whether it is to fund your travel plans or finance your wedding plans.  

Moreover, personal loans are easy to apply for, require minimum documentation and are quickly approved. There are several types of personal loans provided in India to help you at your times of need. 

Below are the different types of personal loan Money View offers to help you live the life you dream of.

Types of Personal Loans You Can Avail from Money View:

  • Medical Loan
  • Wedding Loan
  • Home Renovation Loan
  • Education Expenses Loan
  • Travel Loan Business Loan
  • Debt Consolidation Loan
  • Consumer Durables Loan
  • Credit Score Improvement Loan

Medical emergencies require immediate medical assistance and often come with huge medical bills. When faced with such a crisis, we sell our assets or borrow money for higher interest rates to cover the medical bills.

Instead, it is always wise to take out a personal loan for medical expenses from loaning institutions such as Money View, which provide the required amount in less than 24 hours at a lower interest rate.

It is not an Indian wedding without a little bit of extravaganza and larger than life celebration of family. However, it is not always easy to meet these wedding expenses. At such times, a wedding loan can help families deal with the pressure of the expenditure. 

Money View offers an instant personal loan to fund your wedding expenses without you having to burn through your savings! 

It is never too late to build the home of your dreams to suit your lifestyle. Home renovation loan can help you fund the repair and renovation of your home, labor expenses and in buying new materials.

It is difficult to plan all the expenses and repairs in one shot, so choosing a flexible personal loan that can be used for a variety of purposes is definitely helpful.

Education is vital for everyone as it inculcates knowledge and provides directions in life for an individual.  With the rising costs of education, it is getting harder by the day to meet the expenses.

A personal education loan can aid in covering the costs of your higher education dreams. From college fees and accommodation to books and travel, an education expense loan can fund your future education without any collateral.

Travel loan is the right fit for the wanderer in you. It is common to delay travel plans in the face of looming expenses. But with an easy and instant personal travel loan from Money View, you can simply pack your bags and be on your way to your dream destination.

Not only does the travel loan fund your trips, but it also comes with a low interest rate so you don’t have to struggle trying to pay it back.

Do you want to establish a small business or need some financial help to sustain your business? Taking a business loan from online money lenders can help you expand your small business, especially when you have difficulty in obtaining a loan from the bank.

A personal loan can be used for your business, and the interest you pay on it can be deducted as a business expense.

When you take several loans to meet your basic needs, the EMIs can pile up and at times, break your bank account, leaving you with nothing. The best solution in these situations is to consolidate all your debts and take out another loan to pay this back.

Debt consolidation loans provide instant financial relief and help you avoid dealing with multiple EMIs or missing out on loan repayments. However, always consider the interest differential and costs involved for a debt consolidation loan.

Do you wish to purchase a TV or refrigerator or a washing machine? Or the trending new mobile phone in the market? Then the consumer durable personal loan is made just for you. 

This type of loan can help you buy any item that you have set your heart on. You can repay the loan through monthly EMIs within the decided tenure. 

No bank or lending institution is going to approve your personal loan if you don’t have a good credit score. While you can end up with a low credit score for a number of reasons, there are also other ways you can improve your score such as with a credit score improvement loan. 

Online loan lenders have lower credit score requirements than banks and financial institutions. A personal loan from online lenders such as Money View and repayment of that loan on time can improve your credit score.

Personal loans are a comfort in times of financial crisis. Money View provides instant personal loans upto 5 lakhs with low interest rates without any collateral. Based on your credit score, income and other aspects, you can easily avail the loan amount you are eligible for.

To get a loan from Money View, you have to fulfill the eligibility criteria. The individual applying for the loan

  • Should be between 21-57 years of age

  • Must be salaried or self-employed

  • Should receive an in-hand income of ₹ 13,500 or more

  • Must receive the income in a bank that is associated with Money View

  • Should have a CIBIL score of 600 and above or an Experian score of 650 and above

Money View offers a hassle-free documentation process. All you need to submit are

  • Identity proof (PAN or Aadhaar Card)

  • Address proof

  • Last 3 months’ statement with salary credits

You can avail a personal loan from Money View on our website or loan app easily for any kind of purposes mentioned above or for any other financial need of yours. Get in touch with us at loans@moneyview.in or 08045692002.


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