Different Types of Personal Loans

Personal loans are extremely popular as they are flexible and easy to avail. In addition, the ability to use a personal loan for a variety of reasons makes it all the more attractive to a user. There are various kinds of purposes as there are no fixed end-user criteria attached to a personal loan.

Different Types of Personal Loan that you can Avail from Money View

  1. Medical Emergency Loan

    Medical emergencies can be very disheartening and a fund crisis can only add to your worries. An instant personal loan that can be used for a medical emergency can be ideal for you. You could get this loan as soon as two business hours of approval of your application from Money View with the submission of all your documents online.

  2. Wedding Loan

    An Indian wedding is a big celebration involving friends and families. With a personal loan, you can meet your wedding expenses, no matter how small or big. A Money View instant personal loan that comes with an interest rate starting from 1.33% pm will not burn a hole in your pocket after the wedding.

  3. Home Renovation Loan

    A dream home is also high on the aspirations of Indians. A personal loan can help you meet the expenses of renovating your home or redesigning the interiors of your home. While redoing your home it might be difficult to plan all expenses in one shot. Hence choose a loan that is flexible and can meet your need for cash, as and when you need it.

  4. Travel Loan

    Who doesn’t like to travel and explore the world? You can take off on a vacation anytime with an easy personal loan that can fund your travel expenses, be it a cruise or a road trip. With an easy to avail personal loan like that from Money View, your travel dreams are never too far.

  5. Education Expenses Loan

    A good education is often considered as a gateway to a good career, however, educational expenses are increasing by the day. Whether it is the fees towards schooling, college or expenses towards higher studies abroad or at a university, a personal loan can help you in all these circumstances.

    A personal loan that allows you higher upper limits up to Rs 500000 like ours may suit you better when you are looking for a loan to meet educational expenses.

  6. Debt Consolidation Loan

    A personal loan can be helpful in consolidating all your debts under one single loan. By doing this you could avoid missing out on loan repayments and having to deal with multiple EMIs.

    However, you should always consider the interest differential and the costs involved in going in for a debt consolidation loan.

  7. Consumer Durables Loan

    Consumer durables make our lives easier. But they do not come cheap. A personal loan can support you in acquiring consumer durables that you wish.

  8. Credit Score Improvement Loan

    Credit score has become very important to avail loans from banks or non-banking financial institutions. However, it is possible that you end up with a lower credit score due to various reasons.

    A personal loan, especially from online loan lenders can be helpful as their credit score requirements are often lower than those of banks and financial institutions. Moreover, they also let you borrow small amounts and by repaying on time, you could help your credit score improve.

  9. Business Loan

    A personal loan can help you in setting up or establishing your business venture. It could also help you take your business to the next level especially when your business is small and you have difficulties in availing a business loan from a bank.

    A personal loan can be utilized for your business and the interest paid on the same can be claimed as a business expense.

    You can avail of a personal loan from Money View on our website or loan app easily for any kind of purposes mentioned above or for any other financial need of yours. Get in touch with us at loans@moneyview.in or 08045692002.