This Valentine’s Day, Give Presents that Truly Matter

While one should celebrate love every day, Valentine’s Day is a great reason to celebrate just that extra bit. One of the most common gestures to show your appreciation for your loved ones is to give them presents. 

While roses and chocolates are quite common, this year, why not celebrate a little differently?

How about a gift (or a present) that keeps on giving? One that can not only last longer but also secure your partner’s future.

Here are 5 presents that you can give your partner this Valentine’s Day to financially secure their future.

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Systematic Investment Plans are an investment option that is gaining a lot of popularity lately. If you are interested in mutual fund investments but do not want to invest a lump-sum amount, SIPs are perfect for you.

You can invest an amount as low as Rs. 100 per month and even get tax benefits on this. Secure your partner’s future, save taxes, and inculcate financial discipline all at the same time. Do these factors make SIPs a perfect Valentine’s day gift? 

We think so!

  • Shares

Direct equities are another great option. You can purchase shares of reputed companies that have a history of doing well financially and give that to your partner.

You do not have to purchase a large number of shares if you cannot afford to. But it is essential that this decision is taken only after thorough research. Bear in mind that direct equities are quite a risky investment option. Opt for shares from companies that have a demonstrated history of good returns. 

  • Fixed Deposits

If you are a risk-averse investor, then fixed deposits are a great option to invest in. You can invest any amount that you are comfortable with and give this to your partner.

While the interest rates vary from one bank to another, the process of opening an FD account is incredibly easy. 

  • Insurance Policy

Life is uncertain but your partner’s financial situation does not have to be. This Valentine’s Day, take a call to secure his/her future by getting an insurance policy. There are plenty of options to choose from – life insurance, term insurance, health insurance, etc.

Certain policies such as ULIPs offer a joint insurance-cum-investment plan. A good rule of thumb to follow is that your sum assured is at least 10 times your annual income.

  • Appreciating Assets

Were you planning to buy your partner a gold ring or even a gold coin? Then you’re heading in the right direction!

Not only does gold have significant cultural value in India, it is also an appreciating asset which means that its value will only increase over time. This makes gold, in all its forms, a worthy investment. You can also purchase Sovereign Gold Bonds if you do not wish to buy physical gold.

Another option, if your budget is significantly higher, is to purchase a property in their name. Real estate is a great asset to hold on to or even pass on the next generation making this a great V-Day gifting option.

In Conclusion

Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love in its many forms. Investing and securing your loved ones’ financial future is a great way to celebrate their existence in your life. So this year, in addition to the flowers and cakes, why not go a step ahead and invest for them? 

Which of the options given above resonated with you? Do you have other ideas like this?

Let us know in the comments below.