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Certain services, including filing your income tax returns, now require you to link your PAN card to Aadhaar. According to a recent statement from the government, the deadline to link a PAN to an Aadhaar number is March 31, 2023. Previously, the deadline was March 31, 2022.

The person who fails to link the PAN card with the Aadhaar card must pay a penalty of Rs. 500 in the first three months (i.e. till June 30, 2022) and Rs. 1000 after that (i.e. from July 01, 2022 till March 31, 2023).

If you have already linked your PAN card to an Aadhaar card, you may quickly verify the status of your PAN Aadhaar link either online or offline. The e-Filing portal of the Income Tax Department makes it simple to link your Aadhaar card to your PAN card and check the status.

Why is it Important to Complete the PAN Aadhaar Link?

Listed below are the reasons why you should treat this on priority and link your PAN with Aadhaar as early as possible, if not done yet –

How to Link a PAN Card with an Aadhaar Card?

The Indian government has been campaigning for months to make citizens aware of the necessity of linking one's PAN card with their Aadhaar card. The current deadline to link your PAN card to your Aadhaar Card is March 2023 but this comes with a fine.

The PAN card is a unique tax ID number issued by the Government of India, and the Aadhaar Card is a citizen's proof of identification, residence, and age. So, how does linking the two make sense?

PAN Aadhaar Linking

Benefits associated with using a PAN card

Your PAN card is vital for any form of taxation and your daily transactions. It helps the government keep track of your money to regulate taxes. Listed below are some particular benefits of a PAN card.

Necessary to start a business or enterprise

Any business currently running in the country must have a tax registration number or TRN for filing tax returns and conducting trade. To obtain a TRN, you need to have a PAN card; thus, it becomes essential for opening a business or enterprise.

Income Tax filings and tax deductions

A PAN card is an absolute necessity to file your income tax returns. It also helps save a lot of taxes just by getting your bank account linked with the PAN card in the form of TDS. 

A PAN card is essential while opening a Demat or Bank account

Unless you open a zero balance account, you must get your PAN card linked to your bank account. You will also need a PAN card to access a Demat account, which will help you invest in Mutual funds and equity. 

Undertaking any sort of transactions from your bank account

Without a PAN card, you will not be allowed to move your funds in any format. This makes a PAN card an absolute necessity.

The PAN card helps the government track your financial transactions and levy taxes on them when required. It also helps develop the macroeconomics data that is vital for the growth of any economy.

Why should I link my PAN card and Aadhaar card?

Well, linking your PAN to your Aadhaar is being made mandatory by the government. While the PAN card is for filing tax returns and making any significant purchases, relating it to your biometric Aadhaar card will enable you to file IT returns in the upcoming years. 

Thus, the government and the individual taxpayers benefit from this mandatory regulation.

How to Link PAN and Aadhaar Card online?

Following the processes outlined below, anyone can link their PAN and Aadhaar online:

Step 1: Go to the Income Tax e-Filing website and choose 'Link Aadhaar' from the quick links section.

Step 2: Put your PAN and Aadhaar numbers in the boxes provided.

Step 3: Type the name that appears on your Aadhaar card.

Step 4: If your date of birth appears on your Aadhaar card, you must check the box.

Step 5: Click on the check box that says, "I consent to UIDAI validating my Aadhaar data.'

Step 6: Select 'Link Aadhaar' from the drop-down menu.

Step 7: Enter the OTP sent to your phone number and click 'Validate.'

Step 8: A pop-up notification will display, indicating that your Aadhaar and PAN have been successfully linked.

How to Link PAN and Aadhaar using SMS?

Follow these procedures to link your Aadhaar card to your PAN card by SMS:

Step 1: Write a message in the following format: UIDPAN <12 Digit Aadhaar number><10 Digit PAN number>

Step 2: After typing this, send the message from your registered mobile number to 567678 or 56161.

For e.g., If your Aadhaar number is 231068547895 and your PAN is XXXX0000Z, you must text UIDPAN 231068547895 XXXX0000Z to 567678 or 56161.

Following are the steps to link your PAN and Aadhaar cards manually.

  • You need to try and contact a PAN service provider(UTIITSL or NSDL).

  • You can collect the 'Annexure-I' form and fill in your credentials correctly. 

  • Then you need to submit the form to the authorities, which they will process further.

  • Make sure to double-check your details. Otherwise, a fee of INR 110 is charged for any sort of correction of your PAN details.  

What happens if I fail to Link my Aadhaar and PAN cards?

If you are unable or ignorant about linking your PAN and Aadhaar card, you will not be able to file for IT returns and TDS files from March 2023 onwards.

The Income Tax department will deactivate your PAN card; thus, any transactions or earnings you have will be deemed illegal. Besides, you will be unable to make genuine transactions above INR 50,000.

Even if your income is below the taxable limit as the government prescribes, you must link your Aadhaar with your PAN card. Or else your PAN card will be deactivated.

The ways to verify the status of your PAN-Aadhaar status before logging in are listed below:

You may also use the SMS service to check the progress of the Aadhaar-PAN linkage. You must send an SMS to 567678 or 56161 in the following format:

UIDPAN < 12-digit Aadhaar number> < 10-digit Permanent Account Number>

If your Aadhaar has been successfully connected to your PAN, the message 'Aadhaar (Aadhaar number) is already associated with ITD database' will appear. Thank you for making use of our services.'

Some Common Reasons for failure to Link Your PAN to Aadhaar card

While linking your PAN card to your Aadhaar, you might receive some errors. This can stem from a few reasons, which can be listed down below.

  • Your detailed credentials can be different for your Aadhaar and PAN cards. 

  • The Aadhaar number you provided could be wrong or unavailable in the database. 

Such problems can lead to great inconveniences and wastage of time. Hence we should be equipped with how to tackle them effectively.

If your Aadhaar card and PAN card details do not match, you can change either of them to match your original credentials. You need to follow these simple steps to rectify your PAN card details.

  • Please visit the official NSDL website and select the section 'Application Type.'

  • You need to click on the 'Changes or Correction to your PAN Data' menu in the options provided.

  • Ensure you enter your details correctly once you select the 'Individual' option. 

  • This needs to be followed by entering the Captcha and submitting the application.

  • The updated PAN will be sent to the address provided in the form.

Here are the steps that you can follow to rectify your Aadhaar credentials. Please note that this process is offline.

  • You must visit an official Aadhaar enrollment center with all the required documents.

  • There they will provide you with an Aadhaar enrollment form which you need to fill with accurate details.

  • Following this, you need to submit your form along with the necessary documents to the concerned authorities.

  • They will provide you with an acknowledgment slip that will contain the updated request number. You can use this number to check the status of your Aadhaar update request.

Do I have to pay any registration fee to link PAN and Aadhaar Card?

Yes, as of now, you have to pay a fee of INR 500 only if the linking is done by 30th June 2022. After that, the charges will be increased to INR 1000. Therefore, you must get the linking done at the earliest.

Failure while Linking PAN card with Aadhaar: What to Do Next

Look for your nearest PAN card center and fill out an Aadhaar seeding form. Then submit the signed Aadhaar seeding form, and the experts there will help you link your PAN with Aadhaar.

To check your PAN-Aadhaar linking status, you have to visit the Income Tax e-filing website where you need log in by entering the following –

  • PAN number (It functions as your User ID)

  • Password

  • Date of Birth

If you do not have an account already, you will have to create one by selecting ‘Register’ in the top-right corner of the homepage and following the instructions given.

After you successfully log in, click on the 'Profile Settings' tab and select the last option 'Link Aadhaar'. 

If your PAN is already linked to Aadhaar, a message will be displayed saying 'Your PAN is already linked to Aadhaar number 000000000000'. 


This article has talked about the various points about how you can go about linking your PAN card to your Aadhaar card and the different methodologies one can adopt for the same. PAN and Aadhaar cards are two very essential pieces of documents for any Indian citizen. They are used for a variety of purposes. The government launched the Aadhaar card to introduce a single identity for an individual. Thus it should be linked with the PAN card as per the government norms. Nobody likes to pay a fine, and as of now, one has already been levied to link PAN and Aadhaar card. Before the fee increases to a massive amount, get your PAN card and Aadhar card linked as soon as possible!

Pan Aadhar Link Related FAQs

The process of linking your PAN number and Aadhaar number is free of cost.

If you do not link your PAN number with your Aadhaar number then your PAN number will become inactive and cannot be used for certain transactions. However, you will be able to link it later as well but a fee may be charged.

Both the Aadhaar and PAN numbers are required to verify the Aadhaar PAN status.

The government does not charge a fee to check the status of PAN Aadhaar linkage.

According to a Ministry of Finance notification, if you do not link your PAN and Aadhaar, your PAN would become inactive.

No, all you'll need for this is your Aadhaar number and PAN. However, the personal information on both documents must match in order for the linkage to be successful.

The official NSDL e-governance portal allows you to check, verify, and alter your PAN information, while the official UIDAI portal allows you to do the same for your Aadhaar information.

For the purpose of filing your income tax return, you must provide your Aadhaar number. You must quote the Aadhaar enrolment number if you do not have an Aadhaar number.

An Aadhaar number can only be obtained by a resident Indian. A resident is someone who has spent at least 182 days in India in the previous 12 months, immediately preceding the filing of an Aadhaar application. An NRI does not need to apply for Aadhaar or link their PAN to it.

The Aadhaar number of the Karta, or the family's main individual, must be linked to the PAN in the case of a Hindu Undivided Family, or HUF.

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