Ration Card Aadhar Link

The Government of India has initiated a ration Card - Aadhaar link drive. This move aims to offer several benefits to the citizens and to prevent identity theft and fraudulence. 

In this article, we will tell you how to link Aadhaar to your Ration card easily.

How to Link Aadhaar to Ration Card Online

If you want to link your Aadhar Number with your Ration Card without leaving your home, you have an option of doing it online. 

However, you can use the online method only if your Aadhaar number is already linked to your mobile number. 

Here are the steps you will need to follow for that:

Step-1: Visit your state’s official PDS website, choose the category of your card, and enter your ration card number

Step-2: Then enter your Aadhar Card number and your registered mobile number

Step-3: Then click on the proceed button and wait for the OTP

Step-4: Once you get the OTP on your registered mobile number, enter it. Now, your request for linking Aadhaar number with your Ration Card has been registered

How to Link Aadhaar to Ration Card Offline

You can link your Aadhaar and Ration Card offline as well. Follow the steps given below:

Step-1: Visit your local Ration shop or the PDS office

Step-2: Carry the photocopies of your Ration card, Aadhar Card, and a passport size photograph of the head of your family. In case your bank account is not linked to your Aadhar Card, take a copy of the first page of your bank passbook with you. 

Step-3: Submit all these documents to the official. You will have to give your biometric details like fingerprint, etc. at the office as well. 

Step-4: After you submit these, an SMS will be sent to your registered mobile number. Then finally you will receive an SMS confirmation once the inking is completed.

Aadhaar Link with Ration Card

Documents Required for Linking Aadhar to Ration Card

You will require the following documents for Ration card - Aadhaar Link:

Benefits of Linking Ration Card to Aadhaar 

The Ration Card is one of the oldest documents in our country. It has been used as identification and also for distribution of food grains, gasoline, and other necessary goods. There are various types of Ration Cards as well which helps the government to distribute essentials at subsidized rates to the people who need them the most. 

Aadhaar Card, on the other hand, is a relatively newer document introduced by the government as a Unique identification number. 

Here are some benefits of linking your Ration Card to your Aadhar number. 


As of now, it is mandatory to link your Ration Card with your Aadhar number. It has multiple benefits for you and will also save you from any type of fraud. This process will help bring uniformity to the system and also restrict people from having multiple cards with fake information. Thus, use the offline or the online method and link your Ration card with your Aadhar number right away.

Ration Card Aadhar Link - Related FAQs

Yes, it is necessary to link your Ration Card with your Aadhaar number.
If you wish to link your ration card to your Aadhaar cards, it is necessary for you to register your mobile number with UIDAI. Without this, you won’t be able to access any online service related to your Aadhaar card.
To check whether your Aadhaar card is linked to your ration card, just visit your local PDS website. Once you fill in your Ration card number and your Aadhar number, you will see a button to check the status. The other option is to visit your local PDS office to confirm the same.
If your registered mobile number is out of service, you need to change your registered mobile number. To link your new mobile number with the Aadhar card, you should visit the UIDAI website and update it.

You can visit your nearest bank branch to update your Aadhar number with your bank account.

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