Union Bank of India Balance Check Number

Union Bank of India is one of the country's leading public sector banks. If you have a Union Bank of India (UBI) bank account, you can take advantage of some of the best banking services in India. The bank is dedicated to providing its customers with the best services possible.

Union Bank of India provides internet banking and mobile banking services to customers who want to check their account balance. Aside from that, customers can use Union Bank of India's SMS Banking service, which may incur SMS charges. Customers also have the option of using the missed call service.

The customer must have his or her Union Bank of India account number registered for this. The customer then needs to make a missed call to the Union Bank of India customer care number, and the bank will respond with the current balance in the Union Bank of India account holder's account.

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How Do I Check the Balance of My Union Bank of India Account?

Customers have several options for simple banking transactions such as balance inquiry, cash withdrawal, funds transfer, bill payment, and so on. Customers can conduct a Union Bank of India Balance Enquiry in the following ways:

Passbook for Union Bank of India Account

Physical passbooks have always been a convenient way to check balances. Customers can check their Union Bank of India (UBI) passbook for their current account balance if they keep their passbooks up to date.

  • The passbook keeps track of both debit and credit transactions made by an account holder.

  • Customers can update their passbooks by visiting a bank branch.

However, this is an old-school approach to balancing. Nowadays, there are more convenient ways to complete the same task.

ATM of Union Bank

Account-holders can also conduct a Union Bank of India balance inquiry by visiting a Union Bank of India ATM and selecting the "Balance Enquiry" option.

  • Customers can swipe their ATM card, enter their 4-digit ATM PIN, and then select "Balance Enquiry" from the menu.

  • It is not necessary to visit a Union Bank of India ATM because the same service is available at other Union Bank of India-affiliated banks.

  • Customers can also view their most recent 10 transactions by selecting the Mini Statement option.

Union Bank of India (UBI) Service for Missed Calls

Union Bank balance inquiry number is 09223008586. It is important to note that in order to use this service, customers must use the mobile number that they have registered with the bank.

SMS Service by Union Bank of India

Customers can check their account balances via SMS, which is provided by the bank. Union Bank balance check number which can be used for SMS to check account balance. Customers will have to text "UBAL" to 09223008486 from their registered mobile number. They must send UMNS to the same number to obtain the account mini statement.


Customers can inquire about Union Bank of India balances by dialing *99# from their registered mobile number and receiving further instructions via the USSD service. This is a convenient way for customers who do not have a smartphone or have not registered for mobile or net banking to check their account balance.

Website of the Union Bank of India

Account-holders who have registered for net banking on their Union Bank of India account can use their login credentials to access the website.

Customers can use the bank's website to access a variety of banking services, such as a balance inquiry, account statement, funds transfer, NEFT, IMPS, and so on. After logging into the website, customers can also pay their credit card bills and other bills.

Union Bank of India Mobile Applications

Union Bank of India (UBI) provides mobile banking to its customers via a variety of mobile apps. Customers who have not yet registered for mobile banking services can do so at their nearest Union Bank of India branch. They will soon receive their mobile ID and password.

  • Customers can install these apps on their smartphones and begin using them to access mobile banking services.

  • The majority of these apps are compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

  • Customers must register once the app has been installed in order to use it.

  • Use a registered mobile number to generate an OTP and then use it to register.

  • Once registered, use your mobile banking Id and password to log in.

  • Customers can check their balances using the following UBI Mobile Apps:

1. The U-Mobile App

U-Mobile is a free app with an easy-to-use interface. This app is also one of the easiest ways to check your account balance. Customers can also use the U-Mobile app to do the following:

  • Obtain an account statement

  • Transfer money to other Union Bank of India and bank accounts.

  • Use the Immediate Payment Service to complete transactions (IMPS)

  • Request a checkbook

  • Loan application

  • Payment of bills

  • Recharging a cell phone

  • Purchase movie tickets

  • Purchase domestic and international airline tickets.

  • Customers can conduct as many transactions as they want for a total of Rs 50,000 per day.

2. mPassbook and Union Selfie

The Union Selfie and mPassbook, an electronic version of the physical passbook, allow customers to easily view their account balance. 

  • Non-UBI bank account holders can download the app and instantly open a Union Bank account with their mobile number, PAN card, and Aaadhar Card (with QR Code)

  • Customers can add multiple accounts to this app and instantly view their account balance or check their account statement.

3. Union Bank UPI Application

Union Bank of India has also launched a UPI-enabled app to allow customers to conduct secure banking transactions.

  • Customers who register for this app are given a Virtual Payment Address (VPA) that looks like abcd@uboi or abcd@unionbank.

  • They can use this VPA to send or receive money without ever disclosing their actual account information, such as account number, IFS Code, and so on.

  • Customers can also use the app's "View Balance" feature to inquire about their balance.

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