Union Bank of India Balance Check Number

Union Bank of India is one of the country's leading public sector banks. If you have a Union Bank of India (UBI) account, you can take advantage of some of the best banking services in India. 

This article will list the ways in which you can check your Union Bank of India account balance. 

How Do I Check the Balance of My Union Bank of India Account?

As a UBI customer, you can check your balance in the following ways - 

Let us take a look at all the Union Bank of India balance enquiry numbers.

Union Bank of India Toll Free Numbers

The easiest way to inquire about your account balance is to call the toll-free numbers of any bank. 

As a Union Bank of India customer, you can call any of the following toll-free numbers, which can be accessed from all over India - 

1800 22 22 44 / 1800 22 22 43 / 1800 208 2244 / 1800 425 1515

If you are an NRI, you can call this dedicated number - 


Union Bank of India Balance Enquiry Number for Missed Call Services 

If you are searching for ‘Union bank balance check number’, read ahead.

You can easily inquire about your balance by giving a missed call on 09223008586 from your registered mobile number. Your call will get disconnected after a few rings and you will get an SMS informing you about your account balance.

SMS Service by Union Bank of India

You can check your account balances by sending a predefined keyword from your registered mobile number. 

If you want to check the balance of your primary account number, send 

UBAL to 09223008486

If you want to check the balance of another account, send 

UBAL<space> <Account number> to 09223008486

You can also check your mini statement, block your ATM card, or check your cheque status using SMS banking services.

Union Bank of India - WhatsApp Banking 

Nowadays we carry out most of our conversations on WhatsApp. It is more than convenient for you to enable WhatsApp banking services and check your balance with the click on a few keys. 

Here is how you can register for WhatsApp banking - 

STEP-1: Save the bank’s WhatsApp number 9666606060, and send a ‘Hi’ from your phone to register.

STEP-2: After registration, send ‘Hi’ once again to start the journey.  

STEP-3: Input the numbers as mentioned to perform services like balance enquiry or knowing your mini statement.

STEP-4: Send ‘Menu’ at any point for access to the main menu, and ‘Exit’ to exit the journey. 

This service is available in 7 languages: English, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Bangla, and Tamil. 

USSD Services - Union Bank of India

USSD services can be very helpful if you have not registered for internet banking or do not have access to the internet at some moment. 

All you need to do is dial *99# from your registered mobile number and follow the instructions of the IVRS. 

Union Bank of India Net Banking Services

You can also access the internet banking services by visiting the Union Bank official banking website, and logging in using your credentials. Once you have logged in, you can click on ‘Check Balance’ to know about your account balance. 

But, to be able to use this service, you will first need to activate internet banking services for your account. Once done, you can use it not just for balance enquiry but for a variety of banking services, like account statement, funds transfer, NEFT, IMPS, and so on. 

Union Bank of India Mobile Banking Services

With the easy access to smartphones, mobile banking on various apps is very convenient. The Union Bank of India mobile app is called Vyom, which can be used to manage a variety of services. 

It is a free app with an easy-to-use interface. You can download this app from the Play Store or the App Store and check your balance using the following steps - 

STEP-1: After installation, select your preferred language, SIM, and accept the terms and conditions.

STEP-2: You will receive a SMS on your SIM which will help you to activate your account. 

STEP-3: Set your login PIN using either your Debit card, Internet Banking ID, or the Branch Token.

STEP-4: Now you can easily click on the ‘View Balance’ option to know your current account balance.

Balance Enquiry Through ATM 

You can easily visit a UBI ATM or any other ATM to check your account balance. Follow these steps to do so - 

Step 1: Visit the nearest ATM with your valid UBI ATM card.

Step 2: Insert the ATM card in the machine, choose your language, and enter your secure PIN.

Step 3: Select the ‘Balance Enquiry’ option. Your account balance will be displayed on the screen.

Balance Enquiry Through Passbook 

You can also visit the bank to update your passbook. This is a good habit as along with your account balance, you can also take a look at your spending pattern. It helps you to manage your finances better.

Bank Balance Check Numbers

Union Bank of India Balance Check Number - Related FAQs

There are 4 toll-free numbers for Union Bank of India customers: 1800222244 / 1800222243 / 18002082244 / 18004251515. These numbers can be accessed from all over India. You can also give a missed call on 09223008586 to check your account balance. 

If you want to check the balance of your UBI primary account, just send UBAL to 09223008486. In case you want to check the balance of another account, send UBAL to 09223008486.

You can check the last 5 transactions of your UBI bank account through missed calls, SMS, ATM, internet banking, WhatsApp banking, or mobile banking. The process is almost the same as checking your account balance, you just have to select the option of the last five transactions or ‘mini account statement’.

No, you cannot use the missed call services from an unregistered mobile number. You have to first register your mobile number.

There is no limit on how many times you can check your account balance in a month. You can check it as many times as you want.

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