Canara Bank Balance Check Number

Most banks allow various ways to check the balance or mini-statement of your account. To check your bank balance remotely, that is without visiting the bank, it is important to register your mobile number with the bank. In most cases, finding your balance can be done very easily from your registered mobile number. 

Let us take a look at the various ways in which you can check your balance if you are a Canara Bank account holder.

Toll-Free Numbers for Balance Enquiry

The easiest way to inquire about your balance is to dial any of the toll-free numbers given below -

You can use any of the above numbers if you are a resident of India and have a savings bank account with Canara Bank. 

But in case you are not currently residing in India, you can call +91-80-22064232 to find out your account balance.

However, this is not a toll-free number, and your calls to this number will be chargeable as per your phone tariff. Additionally, you can also call this number for any other enquiries you might have. 

The above numbers are accessible 24/7 on all days except on Indian public holidays and Canara Bank holidays.

Balance Enquiry through Internet Banking

This is the most convenient way to access your bank account remotely and you can do much more than just enquire about your balance. To access this, you need to be registered with netbanking customer services. Once you are registered, you can follow these steps to know your bank account balance - 

  1. Login to the Netbanking portal using your ID and password.

  2. Once you can see your bank account on the screen, click on the ‘Bank Details’ option.

  3. As you proceed to the next screen, you will be able to see the options to enquire about your Bank balance or the mini statement.

Balance Enquiry through Mobile Banking

All banks have their apps which can easily be downloaded from the PlayStore or the App Store. 

Similarly you can download the Canara ai1-Mobile Banking app to avail all kinds of banking services right on your smartphone. You can also use the Canara e-Passbook app to find out your account balance and view your virtual passbook. 

You can take assistance from your nearest bank branch to log into these apps if you face any difficulty. But these apps are extremely helpful and limit your having to physically visit the bank for every small issue. 

You can manage most of the services of your account from your smartphone, securely and promptly, as soon as you login.

Balance Enquiry through ATM

Another method to find out your bank balance is to visit your nearest ATM with your Canara Bank debit card. Once there, you can follow these steps to know your bank account balance using an ATM -

  1. Insert your Debit Card into the ATM slot.

  2. Punch in your four-digit PIN when the ATM asks for it.

  3. Next, select the option to check your bank account balance which will then be displayed on the screen. 

Balance Enquiry through UPI

UPI is commonly used for payments now. Chances are that you are already using your Canara Bank account on one or more of these UPI apps. If not, you can simply download any UPI app on your mobile phone and follow these steps -

  1. Login using the relevant credentials.

  2. Click on your bank account and then on ‘Check Balance’.

  3. The app will ask for your UPI pin and after you enter it you will see your balance on your phone screen.  

If you are new to using UPI apps, make sure to never write or share your UPI pin with anyone. That way you can keep your bank account safe and secure.

Balance Enquiry through SMS

There are two ways to check your balance using SMS services. For both, you need to register your mobile number with your bank branch. You can avail these services only from your registered number.

  1. The first way is to type “CANBAL” <space> <your UserID> <space> <your MPIN> and send it to the number 5607060. 

  1. To follow this next method, you need to first get yourself registered with the Canara Bank SMS service. Once that is done, you can just send an SMS from your registered number to 9015734734 to know your balance immediately.

Balance Enquiry through Missed Call

To avail this service, you need to register your mobile number at your nearest branch. Once that is done, you can simply dial 0-9015-483-483, if you want the update in English, or 0-9015-613-613, if your preferred language is Hindi. 

Once you dial, the call will immediately get disconnected, and you will get a message updating you about your current balance. 

Balance Enquiry through USSD

As a Canara Bank customer, you also have a way to find out your account balance even if you do not have access to a smartphone or the internet connection. Follow the steps given below to do so -

  1. From the bank’s registered mobile number, dial *99*46#, and choose your preferred language.

  2. Then enter the two-digit bank code or your IFSC number.

  3. Then follow the instructions to find out your bank account balance.

Bank Balance Check Numbers


It is important for you to check your bank statement and account balance regularly for a variety of reasons. Some of these are mentioned below -

Canara Bank Balance Check Related FAQs

There are two ways to check Canara Bank account balance by SMS.

  • Send an SMS in the format of “CANBAL” to 5607060 
  • For instant balance inquiry, send an SMS to 9015734734

You can use Canara bank net banking or the mobile banking app Canara ai1 to check your balance in minutes.

It is not possible to check your Canara bank account balance without registering your mobile number with the bank. Only after registering, you can access the services to check your balance.

Your account balance is updated automatically, both online and offline, when you make a transaction.

You can directly approach the bank and register your mobile number for SMS banking

Yes. Individuals calling from outside India can contact customer care of canara bank by calling +91-80-22064232. Just remember, charges will apply for this call. 

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