How to Get Truecaller Loan

Truecaller is a mobile application that is used for caller ID identification, blocking unwanted calls, call recording, flash messaging, and more. Personal loans are the latest addition to the long line of services that truecaller offers. 

Yes, you read it right. You can now take a loan from truecaller in a few simple steps. Here, we have explained in detail the features and benefits of the loan, how to apply, the eligibility criteria, and more. 

Features of The Truecaller Loan

Truecaller Loans come with several alluring features that are suited to the requirements of the customer. The features of Truecaller loans are as follows:

Eligibility Criteria for Truecaller Loans

Truecaller has straightforward eligibility criteria. Those who are looking to borrow money from truecaller must fulfill their eligibility criteria to qualify for the loan. Here are the terms of the criteria:

Documents Required for Truecaller Loan

To successfully apply for a truecaller loan, you just need to submit the following three documents online. The documents are:

Make sure you upload clear copies of the above documents online to ensure a hassle-free verification process. Else, your application may be rejected. 

How to Apply for Truecaller Loan?

Truecaller is a mobile phone application that allows you to apply for a loan. To apply for a Truecaller Loan, simply follow the steps stated below:


Truecaller is not only a trusted app for caller ID tracking, but it also offers a number of other services. The personal loan offering is its latest feature introduced to help its customers in times of need. Truecaller loans are easily accessible and instantly available, so those in need can quickly take a loan. 

Truecaller Loan FAQs

To find out if you are qualified for a Truecaller Loan, open the Truecaller app on your phone and go to the banking tab. Enter your details and find out your eligibility.

The loan amount for Truecaller Loans will be determined by Truecaller's policies. Your loan application will be used to assess the loan amount that you are qualified for.

No, Truecaller does not currently permit you to alter the EMI payment dates.

Although Truecaller does not charge late fees, it is recommended that EMI payments be made on time to avoid defaulting, which has a negative impact on your credit score.

The EMI notifications for your Truecaller Loans will show up two days before the due date as well as on the due date.

If there are any discrepancies in your documents, your Truecaller Loan application will be rejected. Truecaller will contact you to complete the process and take the necessary actions.


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