Andhra Bank Balance Enquiry Number

Founded in 1923, Andhra Bank offers high-quality, user-friendly digital services that are suitable for all users.


For simple and convenient banking, Andhra Bank provides customers with missed call and SMS balance query services. 

In 2020, Union Bank of India and Andhra Bank merged, as announced by the Indian government. Therefore, all Andhra Bank customers must dial the Union Bank of India number for any service- or support-related issues.

Continue reading to find out how to check your Andhra Bank account balance. 

Andhra Bank Balance Enquiry

In most banks throughout the world, balance inquiry is the most popular service. Users of banks typically check the balance to see exactly how much money is still in the account. On the basis of the balance in the account, it's also a way to budget.

Users of Andhra Bank can access their bank balance through SMS services, missed calls, mobile banking services, and internet banking. 

Checking account balance via missed call

You only need to make a missed call from your registered mobile number to 09223008586 to check the amount in your Andhra Bank account. 

How to link your mobile number?

Before that, it's important that your mobile number be linked to your Andhra bank account in order to monitor your balance through missed calls. To link your mobile number:

To register a mobile number using an Andhra Bank/Union Bank ATM, follow the instructions below.

Toll-free number for Andhra Bank

Customers can call the toll-free number 1800 425 1515 to find out their Andhra Bank balance.

1800 425 1515

To get the information, customers must dial the Andhra Bank Balance Enquiry Toll-free Number.

Callers can ring 1800 425 1515 to check their account balance. After selecting a language, account users can use Telebanking services to get information about balances, account statements, and much more.

Customers can use the Andhra Bank's telebanking service from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm every working day. This service is not offered on the second and fourth Saturdays.

Checking the Balance of an Andhra Bank Account by SMS

Also, Andhra Bank customers can check their account balance by SMS by sending the message UBAL to the short code 09223008486 from the cell phone they registered with the bank. 


If you have numerous accounts with the bank, send the message UBAL<space> Account number to 09223008486 from the mobile number you have on file with the bank.

Other Methods to Check Bank Balance 

There are other methods to check bank balance. They are: 

To check your account balance and carry out certain banking and financial transactions, go to the Andhra Bank ATM. Customers of Andhra Bank can check their account balance and conduct some financial activities using the ATMs of any bank. Simply, insert your debit card in the slot provided to view your balance.

Enter your PIN and adhere to the directions. Your account balance will be shown on the screen when you select the 'Account balance' option. Additionally, the ATM machine can print out information about your account balance.

Users of Andhra Bank can access mobile banking using a number of apps, including Vyom. Download the app, register, and follow the instructions to find out your balance.

Every customer opening a bank account receives a passbook from Andhra Bank.

Many account holders continue to favour using this form of Andhra Bank Balance Enquiry rather than the bank's net banking or mobile banking services.

Bank Balance Check Numbers


After Andhra Bank’s merger with Union Bank, customers can easily find out their bank balance through various methods such as missed call alerts, SMS banking, etc. Use any of these methods to keep an eye on your balance.

Andhra Bank Balance Enquiry Related - FAQs

It is a must to have a registered mobile number with the bank in order to use the Andhra Bank missed call service. Call 09223008586 if your mobile number is registered and take use of the service.

However, you must contact the bank and submit a properly filled out form together with the required registration documents if you do not already have a registered cellphone number. 

You can use the missed call service if the bank registers your cellphone number after checking your papers.

Give the Andhra bank Balance Check Missed Call Number: 09223008586 a missed call to find out your account balance. You can also phone 1800 425 1515, the toll-free number for balance inquiries, and choose the balance inquiry option.

You can make a missed call from the mobile phone registered with Andhra Bank to 09223008586 to receive the last five transactions' details (Mini-Statement) as an SMS.

Or you can dial 1800-425-1515, the toll-free IVRS number, and choose option 2. You will receive information on the latest five transactions. To use this feature, you must register for Tele Banking.

By dialling 1800 425 1515, account holders can use the telebanking service to check the balance of their Andhra Bank accounts.

No, you do not need to go to a bank branch to check your account balance. By making a missed call from their registered cellphone number to 09223008586, utilising net banking, or using mobile banking, account holders can check the balance of their Andhra Bank accounts.

Holders of Andhra Bank accounts can use their login user ID and password to access the net banking portal and check their account balance. The account holder must go to the branch to get registered for online banking if he is not already.

Smartphones can be used by account holders to check their account balance. On their cellphones, they must download the Andhra Bank app and the Andhra Bank UPI app. You may download Andhra Bank from the App Store and Google Play.

Three methods exist for obtaining an Andhra Bank statement online:

  • Netbanking

  • Emails

  • Mobile banking

Any Andhra Bank branch can be visited to request an account statement for the appropriate time frame. A consumer must select the statement period based on his or her needs and pick it up at the bank location.

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