Andhra Bank Balance Enquiry

Andhra Bank offers mobile banking, internet banking, SMS services, and missed call services to its customers. To check their bank balance and other financial services, the account holder can choose from a variety of options.

The Andhra Bank has a long history and serves many Indian inhabitants with financial and baking services. It was founded by Bhogaraju Pattabhi Sitaramayya in 1923. Andhra Bank is headquartered in Hyderabad. They provide high-quality digital services that are simple to use and suitable for all customers.

Customers must note that Andhra Bank now has been merged with Union Bank of India (UBI).

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Balance Enquiry at Andhra Bank (Union Bank of India)

In the vast majority of banks around the world, the balance inquiry service is the most popular. Users of banks tended to check their balances to get a clear picture of how much money they had left in their accounts.

It's also a method of budgeting depending on the account balance. Even for simple services like balance inquiry, banks used manual banking operations in the past. Banks like Andhra Bank, on the other hand, have launched new digital banking systems to make checking balances easier for their consumers.

Andhra Bank Balance Enquiry Through Missed Call Service

09223008586 (or) 09223011300 (or) 18004251515 is the Bank's missed call number. All Andhra registered customers get access to it. The user must first register with the Bank using their mobile phone number.

To check your Andhra Bank account balance through missed call service, follow the steps listed below:

  • Make a missed call from your Andhra Bank-registered cellphone number to 09223008586 (or) 09223011300 (or) 18004251515.

  • After a few rings, the call will automatically disconnect.

  • The user will receive an SMS with the balance of their Andhra Bank account (Savings Account, Current Account, Cash Credit, and Overdraft).

How to Register for Missed Call Service?

Users who have registered their mobile phones with the bank for SMS alerts can inquire about their balance by missed call. Customers who want to check their Andhra Bank account balance by missed call must first register their mobile phone with the bank for SMS alerts.

Andhra Bank Balance Inquiry Through Internet Banking

All Union Bank (Andhra Bank) customers have access to the internet banking facility. They can sign up for financial services including balance checks, bank statements, and cash transfers, among others.

Simply follow the steps below:

  • Open the internet banking page for Union Bank/Andhra Bank.(
  • Proceed to the accounts tab after entering your login credentials.
  • Go to the inquiry page and select Account Summary, then Actions.
  • Then, on the next screen, click on Quick View to see your balance details.

Andhra Bank Mobile Banking Services

Andhra Bank offers mobile banking to its users through a variety of apps, including AB Tej and Andhra Bank e-Passbook. The following are the two Andhra Bank mobile banking applications that account holders can use to check their account balance:

  1. AB Tej:

Users of the bank can access the Google Play or App Store on their smartphones. They should use the search box to look for the option AB Tej mobile app. To begin the process, click the download option after receiving the results. Then, to view and handle all financial services, install and activate the app. They can get a tiny statement, check their balance, transfer and receive money, and use other services.

  1. Andhra bank e-passbook:

Andhra Bank offers its account customers the ability to check their account balance through the e-Passbook app. Andhra Bank Balance Enquiry has never been easier thanks to the AB e-Passbook mobile app. This software is only accessible for Android users.

Andhra Bank Balance Inquiry Through ATM

Individuals with an Andhra Bank bank account can check their account balance at any Andhra Bank ATM or any other bank ATM.

Account-holders will need to go to an ATM and complete the following steps:

  • Swipe the ATM/debit card from Andhra Bank.
  • Use the ATM PIN, which is four digits long.
  • Select "Balance Enquiry" from the drop-down menu.
  • The balance will be shown on the ATM screen.

Andhra Bank Toll-free Number

Customers can inquire about their Andhra Bank balance by calling the toll-free number - 1800 425 1515.

Customers will need to call the Andhra Bank Balance Enquiry Toll-free Number to obtain the information.

Customers can check their account balance by dialing 18004251515. Account-holders can use Telebanking services to inquire about balances, account statements, and much more after choosing a language.

Passbook Services

All Andhra Bank customers have access to passbook services. When you open a bank account, the bank gives you a passbook. On every banking transaction, the customer must guarantee that the passbook is updated.

However, the user can use the e-passbook to prevent having to visit the BankBank many times. Customers can check their balance using the manual passbook, which is still available.

The account holder's passbook contains detailed information on all of his or her debit and credit activities. Many account holders still prefer this way of checking Andhra Bank balances to using the bank's net banking or mobile banking services.

Andhra Bank Balance Enquiry Related - FAQs

To avail of Andhra Bank's missed call service, it is compulsory to have a registered mobile number with the bank. If you have a registered mobile number, you can call 8468001122 and enjoy the facility. However, if you do not have a registered mobile number, you need to visit the bank and submit a duly-filled form along with the necessary documents for registration. After verifying the documents, the bank will register the mobile number and you will be able to avail of the missed call service.

Your Andhra Bank account balance will be given to you through text message if you make a missed call to 09223011300 from your registered mobile number.

Account users can use the telebanking service to check their Andhra Bank account balance by dialing 18004251515.

You can access your mini statement by dialing the toll-free number 1800-425-1515 or making a missed call to 09223011300 from the mobile phone registered with Andhra Bank.