Bank of Baroda Balance Check

Bank of Baroda provides services such as transactions, transfers, account opening, and more through its Baroda Connect internet banking facilities and bob World mobile banking app. It also allows you to check your Bank of Baroda account balance via SMS, missed calls, passbooks, ATMs, and other methods.

Bank of Baroda is an Indian public sector banking and financial services firm headquartered in Vadodara, Gujarat. Bank of Baroda (BoB) is well-known for its ability to provide customers with convenient access to their bank accounts. Read on to learn how to check the balance of your BoB account.

Bank of Baroda Balance Check Options

Balance inquiry is one of the most basic functions that account holders perform. Bank of Baroda customers can check their account balance in many ways.

Passbook Balance Check for BOB

A passbook is the most convenient way for account holders to check their balances. They must, however, keep their passbooks up to date by visiting the bank on a regular basis to get their Bank of Baroda account passbook updated to always reflect the current balance.

BOB Balance Check via ATM or Debit Card

Account holders can check their Bank of Baroda account balance by using their ATM cards. Here are the steps they must take:

SMS Balance Enquiry Number for Bank of Baroda

Customers of Bank of Baroda can receive their account balance via SMS using their registered mobile numbers. They only need to send an SMS in a specific format to 8422009988

The bank will respond with an SMS containing the customer's account balance. Customers can also use this feature to request a mini statement and check their status. There are fees associated with the Bank of Baroda SMS Banking service.



Balance Enquiry

BAL < space > XXXX

Mini Statement

MINI < space > XXXX

Cheque Status

CHEQ < space > XXXX < space > Cheque No.

Un-subscribing SMS alert facility

DEACT < space > XXXX

Subscribing SMS alert facility

ACT < space > XXXX

XXXX denotes the last 4 digits of the Bank of Baroda account number

Bank of Baroda Missed Call Balance Check

If you are a customer of Bank of Baroda, you can use their missed call service. Simply dial 8468001111 from your registered mobile phone number. 

The bank will send you an SMS with your account balance. This is a free service that Bank of Baroda customers can use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to check their account balance regardless of their physical location.

The Bank of Baroda accounts eligible for this service are:

A Bank of Baroda customer may use this service up to three times per day. If the customer has multiple accounts with the bank, the bank will send the customer a maximum of 320 characters (2 messages). Other Bank of Baroda account balance check services may be required for the customer's other accounts.


Missed call number

Balance Enquiry

Give a miss call on 8468001111

Mini Statement

Give a miss call to MINI <space> last 4 digits of the account number

Check Bank of Baroda Account Balance Online

Check your Bank of Baroda account balance online using internet banking, mPassbook, or mobile banking-

The Bank of Baroda's mPassbook mobile app allows account holders to easily view their account balances via their mobile apps.The mPassbook app is available in eight different languages.

When a customer opens the app, it automatically syncs and updates.

Check Bank of Baroda Balance Using UPI

Mini Statement

A mini statement allows you to review the last five transactions in your account. There are two simple ways to obtain your Bank of Baroda Mini Statement:

Banking via SMS

From the registered phone number, send the message MINI space> last four digits of the account number to 8422009988.


Insert your debit card into the slot of your nearest Bank of Baroda or other ATM. Choose 'Mini Statement' and enter your 4-digit ATM PIN. Your mini statement will be printed immediately.

Advantages of regularly checking your Bank of Baroda account balance 

Check your transactions: If you call the Bank of Baroda Balance Check No. on a regular basis, you will get a clear picture of all the credits and debits that have occurred in your account. If you discover that the balance does not match, you can check for and correct any errors.

Identify and report fraudulent transactions: With so many transactions taking place online these days, fraud has become quite common. Keep a close eye on your account using the Bank of Baroda Balance Check online and offline facilities to ensure that it has not been hacked or to prevent fraudulent transactions. If you notice any unauthorized transactions, you should notify the bank as soon as possible so that appropriate action can be taken.

Identify the bank's mistakes: There is a chance that the bank will make withdrawals or deposits into your account due to a system error. You will be able to detect these errors and notify your bank quickly if you perform a regular Bank of Baroda Account balance check.

Maintain accurate financial records: Regularly tallying your account balance is essential for simple bookkeeping. This is true even if you use an automated process or software for bookkeeping. Use the Bank of Baroda Balance Check no to easily obtain your current balance and transaction information.

Check to make sure you haven't missed any payments: Payments may be missed when using auto-debit services, resulting in late fees, credit score issues, and other unwelcome complications. The best way to avoid missed payments is to use your Bank of Baroda Balance Enquiry number on a regular basis.

What is the other purpose of the Bank of Baroda Balance Check?

BOB Balance Check is useful for a variety of reasons:

Bank of Baroda Balance Check Number Related FAQs

Ans: You can download your Bank of Baroda statement online by logging in to the bank's online banking website, going to 'Accounts,' selecting your bank account, and then going to 'Account Query.' Then, choose the time span for which you want to see the statement and click 'Statement.' You can now save your statement in PDF or Word format.

Ans: To receive your mini statement by SMS, send MINI space > XXXX (the last four digits of your Bank of Baroda account number) to 8422009988. Dial 8468001111 from the registered mobile number to receive a statement via missed call.

Ans: To use the Bank of Baroda's missed call service, you must have a registered mobile number with the bank. If you have a registered mobile number, you can use the service by dialling 8468001111. However, if you do not have a registered mobile number, you must visit the bank and submit a completed registration form along with the required documents. After the documents are verified, the bank will register the mobile number and you will be able to use the missed call service.

Ans: You can easily view your last 5 transactions in Bank of Baroda by sending an SMS or making a missed call to 8468001122. You can also check your account statement for recent transactions by logging in to BoB net banking or Bank of Baroda mobile banking.

Ans: Customers can check their BoB account balance without a mobile number by logging into the bank's net-banking portal. After logging in, navigate to 'Accounts,' select your bank account, then 'Account Query,' and finally 'Account Balance.'

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