Allahabad Bank Balance Enquiry Number

Allahabad Bank, one of India's largest public-sector banks, offers a variety of products and services to its customers, with the goal of making financial activities such as balance inquiry, money transfer, and bill payment both offline and online as convenient and straightforward as possible.

Missed call banking, SMS banking, internet banking, and mobile banking are examples of these banking services.

Allahabad Bank Balance Inquiry 

Balance inquiries are one of the most common activities that account holders perform for a variety of reasons. The balance inquiry service is available to a variety of account holders for the following reasons:

Different Way to Check Bank Balance at Allahabad Bank

One of the most crucial banking services that account holders want is balance inquiry, and Allahabad Bank provides a variety of options to its customers to do so. Here is a list of them:

1. SMS Banking at Allahabad Bank

The Allahabad bank balance check number to enquire is 9223150150. The user needs to send an SMS to the number from their registered mobile phones. "BALAVL Account Number>" must be the format of the SMS. The account balance is sent to you through SMS by the bank.

2. Missed Call Service of Allahabad Bank

By dialing the Allahabad Bank Balance Enquiry Number on a missed call, clients can obtain their account balance as well as information about the previous five transactions.

From their registered mobile number, clients must dial 09223150150.

After one ring, the call is disconnected, and the customer receives the information by SMS.

If a customer calls the Allahabad Bank Balance Enquiry Number with a mobile number that is not registered with the bank, he will receive an SMS informing him that the number is not registered.

3. Net Banking at Allahabad Bank

Customers can sign up for net banking at the time of account opening or later by submitting an application with KYC documentation.

The customer is subsequently given a net banking ID and password by the bank.

When a consumer first logs into their account, they must update their password before they may conduct online banking transactions such as balance inquiries, cash transfers, and so on.

4. Banking on the Go

Right now, Allahabad Bank has a few active apps that customers can use to conduct online transactions and check their account balances. The following Allahabad Bank apps have been briefly discussed:

5. Printing of Passbooks

Allahabad Bank account holders who prefer to do their banking offline or who are not registered for net banking can check their account balance by consulting their account passbook. Customers must, however, update their passbooks on a regular basis to reflect the current account balance.

6. ATM/Debit Card

Customers of Allahabad Bank can use their ATM-cum-debit card at an Allahabad Bank ATM, log in with their ATM PIN, and then select the "Balance Enquiry" option. They can also check their account balance at a non-Allahabad Bank ATM.

Changes in Allahabad bank 

With effect from April 1, 2020, Allahabad Bank has been merged into Indian Bank. The bank claims that this merger will provide customers with a "twice as good" banking experience. Some of the significant advantages that will be introduced are as follows:

Current Allahabad Bank customers, including depositors, will be treated as Indian Bank customers. Furthermore, no changes have been made for these customers in terms of financial transaction processing.

Allahabad Bank Balance Enquiry Number - Related FAQs

Type 'BALAVLA/c No.>' to check your Allahabad Bank balance. and text it to 9223150150 from your registered mobile phone number
To obtain Allahabad Bank balance information, dial 09223150150 from your registered mobile number. A customer can view the details of up to the last 5 transactions by using the missed call service.
By dialing the toll-free number, customers can get their questions about ATMs, loans, debit/credit cards, and other products answered and issues resolved. Existing and new customers can contact the following number with any questions or concerns about internet banking, mobile banking, or SMS banking: 1800-57-22-000

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