How to Get a 50,000 Loan on Aadhar Card

In the past, getting a personal loan required you to provide many different documents. Today, you can use an Aadhar card as proof of your identity with banks to easily get a loan.

Aadhar Card Loan 50000

Banks and online lenders are accepting the Aadhar card as the single document of proof for KYC, identity, and address.

How to Get a 50000 Loan on Aadhar Card From moneyview

Follow this simple process for an Aadhar card loan of 50,000 online application and approval from moneyview - 

Eligibility For Rs. 50,000 Loan on Aadhar Card

Borrowers must fulfill the following requirements to get an Rs. 50,000 loan on an Aadhar card.

Documents Required For A Loan On Aadhar Card

You must submit the following documents to avail of a 50000 loan on an Aadhar card. They are:

Note that your PAN card and Aadhar card must be linked to ensure a smooth loan application process.

Features & Benefits of 50000 Loan on Aadhar card From moneyview

moneyview is the right option for those seeking an instant loan with attractive benefits. 

Based on the candidate’s eligibility, the borrower can avail any amount between Rs. 5000 to Rs. 10 lakhs.

moneyview does not ask the borrower to submit a collateral or asset or a guarantor to disburse the loan. It is instant and straightforward.

At moneyview, the interest rates start at just 1.33% per month.

Once approved, the loan amount will be credited to your bank account in minutes.


Personal loans serve a myriad of purposes. They help us out of a financial crunch, aid in managing unmitigated expenses and assist in building the life we dreamed of. 

Aadhar card has made the possibility of getting a personal loan much simpler and hassle-free.

So, if you are frantically searching for an ‘aadhar card loan 50000’, hurry up and apply for a loan on the moneyview website or download the loan app now!

50000 Loan on Aadhar card - FAQs

The repayment tenure on Aadhar card loans depends on the lender you have borrowed from. Each lender has a different tenure based on the loan. 

No. Although an Aadhar Card is useful, it is not required when applying for a loan. For KYC, you can use your PAN, passport, driver's license, or other documents accepted by the lenders.

Aadhar card eliminates the need for lengthy documents and makes the application process hassle-free.


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