How to Apply for an MSME Loan?

If you are searching for ‘MSME apply online’ or ‘MSME loan scheme’, read ahead to know more. This article will give you all necessary information about MSME loans.

What is MSME Loan?

MSME stands for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises which require financial assistance from time to time in order to grow. There are various MSME loan schemes which provide unsecured loans to such businesses. 

Most of these MSME schemes are run by the Government of India, and are given through various banks and NBFCs to cover credit-related business expenses. It should be noted that MSME loans have clear eligibility requirements in place to reduce the lenders' risk ratio. 

These loans are described by the RBI and the Indian government as loans given to businesses for infrastructure, finance, and other purposes.

How to Apply for MSME Loan Online

Applying for loans have become hassle-free due to the online methods offered by most banks. If you were searching for ‘MSME apply online’, just follow these steps to easily apply for MSME loans online -

STEP-1: Fill the Online Application Form

Decide on a bank or lender after choosing the perfect MSME loan scheme for yourself. Then visit the lender’s website to fill out the online application form. Provide all necessary information mentioned in the form.

STEP-2: Upload KYC Documents & Business Registration Certificate

Upload all related documents such as copies of your PAN card, Aadhaar card, business registration certificate, GST filing, trade license, etc.

STEP-3: Avail the MSME Loan

After all of your paperwork has been completed, your submission will be reviewed. Once the review is over, your loan application will be approved.

Documents Required for MSME Loan

The documentation requirement will vary based on the MSME scheme you opt for. Here is a list of the major documents required for MSME loan - 

Who is Eligible for MSME Loan?

Before applying for any loan, checking the eligibility criteria is an important step. Someone who is eligible for MSME loan should be -

An enterprise needs to meet the specific MSME loan eligibility to be considered for a loan. The following table describes what is referred as a micro, small, or medium enterprise - 


Total investment in forms of machinery & plants


Micro Enterprise  Under Rs.1 Crore Up to 1.50%
Small Enterprise Above Rs.1 Crore but under Rs.10 Crore Above Rs.5 Crore but under Rs.50 Crore
Medium Enterprise Above Rs.10 Crore but under Rs.50 Crore Above Rs.50 Crore but under Rs.250 Crore

Tips to Apply for MSME Loan Scheme

While applying for a loan is a fairly easy process, there are some steps that can help you to make the process even smoother. 

MSME Loan Application - DOs

  1. Double check all the relevant documentation before submitting
  2. Review your credit score beforehand
  3. Be informed about the requirements of applying for an MSME loan scheme
  4. Prepare a viable business plan, including detailed description of how you intend to use the funds

MSME Loan Application - DON’Ts

  1. Never apply for MSME loans through a third party, always approach banks or block level officers
  2. Don’t apply for multiple loan schemes at the same time
  3. Avoid applying for an MSME loan if your business already has outstanding debts


MSME loans are boon to smaller enterprises which are also important for the country’s economy. As long as one meets the eligibility criteria, and documentation requirements, availing these loans are easy.

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