Top Features and Benefits of Personal Loan


Flexible Loan Amount

Based on the eligibility factors you can choose a loan amount of upto Rs. 10 lakhs.


24 Hour Disbursal

Once approved, your loan amount will be credited to your account within 24 hours.


Collateral Free Loans

To apply for a personal loan through Money View, you don’t have to pledge any asset or arrange for a guarantor


Affordable Interest Rates

We understand how important interest rates are as they determine the EMI amount to be paid. At Money View, the interest rate starts at just 1.33% per month


Completely Paperless

All we require are your ID proof, address proof, and income proof.


Flexible Repayment Term

Applicants can choose flexible repayment tenure of up to 5 years.


Loans on Low Credit Score

The minimum score required is a CIBIL score of 650 or Experian score of 650.


Quick Eligibility Check

Find out your eligibility within just 2 minutes from the Money view website or loan app.

Our 100% paperless process simplifies the loan application & provides instant approval within a few hours!

Steps to Apply for a Personal Loan

Register on the Money View website or download the app and provide the following -

And any other requested details.

Once this is done, sit back and relax while we calculate your eligibility within 2 minutes

Based on the information provided & your credit profile, an eligible loan amount will be displayed. Select the loan amount as well as repayment tenure of your choice that suits your requirements

The next step is to upload all the required documents such as ID proof, address proof, and income proof. You will also be required to take your Selfie & upload images of your PAN Card. The entire process is 100% online and does not require any physical copies.

Once your documents are verified, your loan will be instantly approved. You’ll now be required to enable the EMI-auto debit or NACH mandate using Netbaking/Debit card or NACH Form. This step ensures that the auto-debit facility for your bank account is activated for easy monthly EMI payments.

Once the EMI-auto debit is enabled, you’ll be sent a Loan Agreement with details like your loan amount, interest, applicable fees & tenure etc. Kindly review the same & submit. Once submitted, the loan amount will be transferred to your bank A/c within 1 business day.

In five quick and easy steps you can now avail an instant personal loan from Money View.

How to Apply for a Personal Loan - Related FAQs

While there are many personal loans available in the market today, the benefits offered by Money View instant personal loans are immense. Some of these include -

  • Quick eligibility check that takes less than 2 minutes
  • Flexibility in selecting the loan amount and repayment term
  • Hassle-free and digital loan application process
  • Unique credit verification system ensuring lenient eligibility
  • Loan disbursement within 24 hours of loan approval
  • Purpose of availing said loan
  • No collateral or hidden charges

As part of our personal loan process, once your loan application has been processed and approved, the loan amount will be credited to your bank account within 24 hours.

As part of the personal loan process, you will be required to submit a NACH mandate allowing us to auto debit your EMI amount. This ensures that the process of paying your EMIs is hassle-free.

In case the auto-debit feature for your loan account is not activated or enabled, you can pay your EMIs through the ‘Pay Now’ option on our app through your debit card or netbanking.

In order to ensure hassle-free and timely repayment of your EMIs, you will need to enable the auto debit facility from your bank through the NACH mandate. You will have to download, print, sign the same and email it to us.

Regarding the loan disbursement, after your loan agreement is reviewed, you will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number which will have to be entered for the submission and approval of your loan agreement. Your loan will be disbursed after this.

No, as a customer you are allowed to cancel your loan only before the loan application is processed. After processing, you will not be able to cancel your loan

Our app has been designed to ensure a smooth experience free from errors of any kind. However, if the app does crash, please do not worry, you will be able to restart the process from the same step.

No, Money View only facilitates the process of lending as well as repayment of loans. Your data will be shared with the lender in order to process your loan. However, the entire process of applying for and receiving a loan from Money View is completely safe and secure.

While providing your address please ensure that you are providing your information in English without using any special characters. You will need to provide your complete address with your house number, street name, and other details wherever applicable.

Additionally, please ensure that the address you provide matches the one specified in your documents.


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