How to Activate Net Banking for Your Bank Account

All major banks offer net banking facilities that lets you carry out routine banking transactions online instead of having to visit the bank’s branch each time. Some of the key facilities that can be availed by using net banking include -

How to Activate Net Banking in SBI (State Bank of India)

When you access the SBI net banking portal, you are asked if you are a new user or an existing user.

  • If you are a new user you can click on it and follow the steps to register yourself for net banking
  • If you have been provided with an Internet Banking Prepaid Kit (PPK) you need not do this as you will already have the login and password
  • Enter your Account number, CIF number, branch code and select ‘India’ as the country
  • You can now enter your mobile number, and the type of facility (‘Full or Limited Transaction Rights’ or ‘View Rights’). The recommended option to choose is ‘Full Transaction Rights’
  • You will be given a captcha code. Enter the code and hit ‘submit’. Your net banking facility is now activated
  • Additionally, you can also download the SBI app - YONO for all your banking requirements

How to Activate Net Banking in Punjab National Bank (PNB)

  • Login to the PNB net banking portal
  • Select the ‘Retail’ option. Under this, select ‘User’ and then ‘New User’
  • Select Internet Banking/Mobile Banking/Both
  • Provide your Account Number and select either ‘View Only’ or ‘View & Transaction’ options
  • Please note that if you choose ‘View Only’, you may not be able to conduct transactions
  • You will be sent an OTP (One Time Password) to your mobile which needs to be entered
  • Then enter your debit card number and ATM PIN to verify identity
  • Now you can provide new passwords for logins and transactions and note down your User ID

How to Activate Net Banking in HDFC

  • Visit the HDFC net banking page, scroll down and click on ‘Register’
  • Provide your Customer ID
  • Verify your registered mobile number
  • Post this HDFC will send an OTP(One Time Password) on your mobile. Use this OTP to progress further in the registration process
  • Provide your Debit card details
  • Follow the instructions on the page to set up your personal IPIN

How to Activate Net Banking in ICICI Bank

ICICI account holders have it easy as they will get their user ID and password with the welcome kit that is provided when an account is opened with them. However, if you need to generate a User ID, follow the steps given below -

  • Visit the ICICI website and click on ‘Login’
  • In the box that appears, click on ‘Get User ID’ and choose ‘Click here to proceed’ in the next page that appears
  • Enter your bank account details and registered mobile number and select ‘Go’
  • Your generated User ID will be displayed on the screen
  • Visit the login page again and select ‘Generate Password’ followed by ‘Click here to proceed’ in the next page
  • Provide your User ID and select ‘Go’.
  • Provide your registered mobile number and provide the OTP received
  • Your password will then be generated after which you can start accessing net banking services

How to Activate Net Banking in Axis Bank

  • Visit the Axis Bank net banking registration page and provide your 9-digit customer ID which is provided in your welcome kit. This is also your login ID
  • Next provide the required user details and other information and select ‘Proceed’
  • Then provide a password of your choice and re-enter it again to confirm the same
  • After this, you will have to provide your 4-digit PIN and the registered mobile number to finish the registration process
  • Alternatively, you can also send your 9-digit customer ID through SMS to 5676782 to register for net banking

How to Activate Net Banking in IDBI Bank

  • Visit a branch of IDBI bank or click here to download the Channel Registration form
  • Fill up this form and submit the same to your nearest IDBI Bank branch
  • Once activated you will get a ‘successful registration’ message
  • Use this and your debit card ATM pin to validate your account and proceed ahead
  • Now you can click on ‘Set Password Online’ to get the password for your account from this

How to Activate Net Banking in Bank of Baroda

  • For Bank of Baroda net banking activation, Avisit the webpage and click on ‘Download Application Form’ - Retail form for retail customers and Corporate form for corporate customers. This form can also be availed at the branch of the bank
  • Fill up this form and submit the same at your base branch
  • You will then receive a User ID on your registered email ID or you can click on ‘Forgot User Id’ in the login page of Baroda Connect to receive the same
  • Once you receive the User ID on your email, set your password by clicking on ‘Set Password/Forgot Password’ in the login page
  • Click on ‘Online Registration using Debit Card’ and provide your debit card details. If you do not have an active debit card, you will have to visit the branch
  • to complete net banking registration
  • You can now login to the site using your new User ID and password

With these steps you can unlock a world of convenience through net banking.

Benefits of Net Banking Activation

Given below are some of the most important benefits that customers can enjoy with net banking:

  • 100% Convenience

A major advantage of net banking is that you can carry out transactions anywhere, anytime. Additionally, you can save a lot of time that would have otherwise been spent commuting to the bank branch, or waiting in long queues inside the bank. You can also carry out transactions from the comfort of your home or office.

  • Access to a Wide-Range of Activities

You get to view your account balance, transfer or receive money, or access other details through net banking. Some banks like HDFC allow account holders to carry out more than 200 transactions through their net banking facility

  • A Secure and Hassle-Free Experience

Banks have implemented two to three levels of security checks to ensure that only the authorized account holder can transact from a particular login credential. Additionally, steps like transaction passwords and OTPs prevent fraudulent transactions.


Net banking has revolutionized the world of banking. No longer do customers have to travel to bank branches physically or wait in long lines to fulfill their banking necessities. Thanks to net banking, users can now complete their transactions, check their account balances, or fulfill other requirements from the comfort of their home.

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