ICICI Bank Balance Check Number

ICICI Bank is among the most trusted banks by Indian citizens due to its extensive services and unparalleled customer support. ICICI has offered its customer several ways to check their bank account balance to ensure every one of its customers can perform basic bank operations without any hassle.  


Let us take a look at the various ICICI bank balance check numbers -

Check Icici Balance Number

How To Check ICICI Bank Account Balance

ICICI has provided several ways for its customers to easily check their account balances without visiting the bank. Here are all the methods you can use to find out your balance:

Missed Call Services

Wondering how to check ICICI Bank balance through a missed call? 

Simply give a missed call on 9594612612 from their registered mobile number to know their balance. Just make sure to call on this ICICI Bank balance enquiry number from your registered mobile number. 


Once the call disconnects, you'll receive an SMS stating your account balance.

Balance Inquiry Method

Balance Check Number

Missed Call banking


SMS banking

SMS “IBAL” to 9215676766 / 5676 766

Net Banking

Log in to the net banking portal 

Chat Banking


Mobile Banking

Install and log in to the ICICI Mobile Banking apps, iMobile Pay & Instabiz




Link your bank account to UPI app and check your balance by entering your PIN


Visit your bank branch and update your passbook

Customer Support

Call 1800 1080 or +91-22-33667777 (if traveling overseas)


Insert your debit card and choose the check balance option

Balance Check With ICICI Balance Inquiry Number

You can use the missed call facility from the registered mobile number to know your account balance and last 3 transactions through an SMS.

It will automatically disconnect and an SMS will be sent to the user's registered mobile number.

ICICI Bank Balance Check via SMS Banking

ICICI also offers a balance check facility through SMS banking.  

ICICI account holders can SMS “IBAL” to 9215676766 / 5676 766 from their registered mobile number with the bank. You will receive your account balance on your phone as an SMS. 

ICICI Bank Balance Check Using Net Banking

Customers of ICICI Bank must first register for net banking by visiting their nearest branch or through online methods. Once you are a registered user, you can easily check your balance by following the below method. 

Step 1: Log in to icicibank.com 

Step 2: Go to 'Bank Accounts' 

Step 3: Select 'Accounts' 

Step 4: Tap on 'View Detailed Statement'.

Your bank balance will be displayed in the statement along with your detailed transactions.

ICICI Bank Balance Inquiry Via WhatsApp Banking 

ICICI bank services are now on WhatsApp. Here’s how to use WhatsApp for checking your bank balance.  

Step 1: As an ICICI Bank account holder, you need to save the number 8640086400 on your phone.  

Step 2: Simply send a “hi” to the number on WhatsApp to initiate a conversation.

Step 3: Once you have registered for WhatsApp banking, you will see an interactive menu on your chat. You will be able to use that for bank balance inquiries.

Mobile Banking Services

If you want a more handy way than enquiring from the ICICI Bank balance enquiry number, you can opt for Mobile Banking Services. There are three apps that can be used for this purpose - 

You can login and check your account balance on the ICICI Bank’s iMobile Pay app, using these simple steps - 

Step 1: Download the app from Play Store or the App Store. You can also use this link to download the app.

Step 2: Register on the app from your mobile number, and then login using your credentials.

Step 3: After successful login, tap on the 'View Balance’ button to see your account balance on your phone screen.

You can check your monthly or quarterly average account balance on the InstaBiz ICICI mobile app, even if you don’t have a current bank account. You can use the following steps to do so -

Step 1: Download the app from Play Store or the App Store, and login using your credentials. 

Step 2: Once your preferred account is displayed, click on the ‘Know more’ button. 

Step 3: Choose if you want to check the monthly or quarterly average balance, and select the duration.

Step 4: Click on submit to see the average account balance.

ICICI Bank Balance USSD Payment Services

If you want to know the ICICI balance check number when you don’t have access to the Internet, you can use the National Unified USSD Payments option. However, you will need to have a UPI pin for this.ICICI Bank account holders can dial *99# from their mobile to get a secure and interactive screen on their phone. For knowing your account balance, you just have to dial 3 and then enter your UPI Pin. Your account balance will be displayed on your mobile screen.  

ICICI Bank Balance Check Using Net Banking

Step 1: Visit the official ICICI Bank website and select the “Personal” tab. 

Step 2: Click on “Ways to Bank” and select the “Internet Banking” option.

Step 3: Call customer care on 18601207777 to self-authenticate. Then choose the “Self Banking” or “I want my User ID” option.

Step 4: After generating your User ID and password, you can access internet banking easily by yourself. 

Step 5: From the dashboard, they can continue to the account balance section to get the required information.

ICICI Bank Balance Inquiry Using Passbook

There is another easy offline method to check your bank balance, and it is by visiting your bank branch or by updating your passbook. 

To apply for a passbook, you should visit your nearest ICICI Bank base branch.

Passbook will replace statements, but you can view transaction details online under 'Detailed Statement'.

ICICI Bank Balance Inquiry Via ATM Visit

You can also visit your nearest ATM with your debit card to check your account balance. Here is how you can check your account balance at an ATM - 

Step 1: Visit the nearest ATM with your valid ICICI ATM debit card.

Step 2: Insert the ATM card in the machine and enter your secure PIN.

Step 3: Select the ‘Balance Enquiry’ option. Your account balance will be displayed on the screen.

Balance Enquiry through Customer Support Services

If you are searching for ICICI Bank toll free number for balance enquiry, it is 1800 1080 After calling, you have to choose the preferred language and banking option. Then, you have to enter the 12-digit account number or 16-digit debit card number. 

You can call this number for all kinds of banking related queries. 

Balance Enquiry through UPI

UPI apps are commonly used for payments now. Chances are that you are already using your ICICI Bank account on one such UPI app. If not, you can simply download any UPI app of your choice on your mobile phone and follow these steps -

Step 1: Login to the UPI app using the relevant credentials.

Step 2: Link your bank account by entering your debit card details and verifying it.

Step 3: Click on your bank account and then on ‘Check Balance’.

Step 4: The app will ask for your UPI pin and after you enter it you will see your balance on your phone screen. 


ICICI Bank is one of the largest private banks operational in the country now. The bank enables its customers to check their account balance in multiple ways, through SMS, missed call, USSD, internet banking, etc. The simplest way to check your account balance is to call customer care on the number 1800 1080.

There are many benefits of checking your account balance regularly as it helps you stay updated about your spendings. You must also make sure to check your balance before making a big payment or a purchase. This way you can maintain better financial health!

ICICI Bank Balance Check - Related FAQs

The ICICI customer care toll-free number is 1800 1080. You can easily call it to inquire about your account balance.  

Using net banking is very simple. All you need to do is log in the net-banking portal with the help of Login User ID, password and other credentials. To use the net banking facility, you must be registered with the bank.

If you have a smartphone, then you can check your account balance by simply installing iMobile Pay, the ICICI Mobile Application from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

No, you'll not be charged any fee to check your ICICI saving's account balance. 

Yes, to use the ICICI Missed Call and SMS facility you are required to have your mobile number registered with the bank.

Yes, you can easily opt out of WhatsApp Banking services. For that, you just have to SMS ‘OPTOUT’ to 9542000030.

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