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Ludhiana – The Prize Jewel of Punjab

One of the oldest cities of Punjab, Ludhiana is the hub of business opportunities and lucrative industrial prospects. This city has been at the heart of trade and commerce since its very inception, and remains to be so even today.

A metropolitan city like Ludhiana naturally experiences a massive influx of people, who are looking out for a promising city that offers interesting job opportunities and even global exposure. This city has done so well when it comes to business that it has been ranked as the city with the best business environment in 2009 and 2013 by the World Bank.


Ludhiana reflects the Punjabi culture in the most vivid fashion possible. However, no matter how rooted this city is, it also has a considerable amount of western influence as many of the locals here have lived abroad. This gives Ludhiana an interesting twist of westernization with existing cultural undertone.

Loans in Ludhiana

A metropolitan city like Ludhiana is bound to have several banks present throughout. Even though there are banks and private financers in abundance here, getting a personal loan in Ludhiana is not easy.

This is because banks have procedures in place which may delay your loan amount finally reaching you. Also, there is loads of paperwork to look into, and the limited working hours of a bank, which may not agree with your work hours all that much.

Personal loan in Ludhiana from private finance is yet another alternative you could look into, in case you find yourself running short of adequate funds at hand. However, these personal loans come with heavy interest rates, which hold the potential to disrupt your finances for months to come.

Financial Assistance in Ludhiana like never before

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To wrap up

Unsecured personal loans in Ludhiana can seemingly be hard to come. But with MoneyView, you get them faster than you think. Not just loans, but the MoneyView app gets you complete financial coverage in the sense that it tracks your SMSs for expenses and also notifies you when your EMIs are up.

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