Belgaum is a city in Karnataka, India, and is located in the northern part of it, along the Western Ghats. This city is so important that the Government of Karnataka has proposed to declare the city of Belgaum as the second capital of Karnataka.

Belgaum is popularly known as Bamboo Village, which is also where it gets its name from. Found in the late 12th century AD by the Ratta Dynasty, Belgaum is rich with cultural heritage. This city has also served as a strategically important city under the British Raj. The constructions in this city, therefore, reflect a marvelous blend of ancient Indian and Victorian architecture – a melange of the rich history that once governed this city.

Culturally also, this city is a border between Maharashtra and Karnataka and hence fuses the Kannad and Marathi culture beautifully. From cuisine to attire, this city is a wonderful example of harmonious co-existence.

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