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Formerly known as Madras, the city of Chennai is one of the most popular metros in the southern part of India. It is considered to be the safest city in India, as rated so by the Quality of Living Survey. Owing to this, the mega city attracts 45% of health tourists (people visiting another country to receive medical treatment). There is little to wonder, as to why it is known as “India’s Health Capital.”

With healthcare, treatment, hospitalization, and medicine costs rising, there is a lot of demand for personal loans in Chennai. Many banks offer personal loans but at steep interest rates. For those who have a need for funds urgently, the long processing time will make it unviable to apply for personal loans in Chennai from a bank. The need is for service providers like MoneyView to come in with easy processing, quick disbursement, and convenient repayment options. This is why MoneyView has emerged as one of the key players in Personal loan for low salary in Chennai

Financially, Chennai is counted to be one of the most stable and profitable cities of India. As of 2012, Chennai was known to be India’s second largest exporter of Information Technology (IT) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services.

When it comes to banking, Chennai can just not be ruled out that easily. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) ranked Chennai as the third largest deposit centre nationwide. To its many accolades, the one which is most prominent is that Chennai is home to the first ever European-style banking system in India, as the Madras Bank came into existence in 1683. It was one of the Presidency Banks of India, alongside Bank of Bengal and Bank of Bombay. These banks merged to form the Imperial Bank of India which eventually came to be known as the State Bank of India in the year 1955.

Chennai experiences a gush of money, both on the inflow and outflow. Quite naturally, it houses banks more than other states around it. Chennai houses the headquarters of established nationwide banks like Indian Bank and the Indian Overseas Bank.

A Personal loan in Chennai should comparatively be an easier affair. Owing to the fact that this city would have a large number of banks, which thereby provide an endless array of schemes and facilities, getting a personal loan here should ideally come by easy. The banks here, however, are prudent regarding their loan approvals. Their vigilance to avoid fraudulence may require time, which may obstruct your need for a personal loan.

The need for a loan is never definite. It could be as per the situation demands. From having to pay the token amount while buying a house, or having to fund a course; need for a personal loan could be varied.

Instant personal loans are not easy to come by in a city as busy as Chennai. That is when MoneyView and its easy, flexible loan options come to the rescue. With MoneyView, you no longer need to rummage through heaps of documents to avail a loan. All you need to do is download the app and apply for a loan. The documentation is a paperless, online procedure too. Instant personal loan in Chennai is no more a hassle.

Often it may so happen that banks decline your loan application looking at your salary background. With MoneyView, that is taken care of. Personal loan for low salary in Chennai is given, along with the choice to choose the terms of your repayment as per your convenience. You can pay anytime between 3 months to 12 months, without burdening monthly finances. The total amount that will be loaned to you can range anywhere between Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 5,00,000. This means you can use the Instant personal loan in Chennai for a range of uses like marriage expenses, short vacation trips, payment of tuition fees, or caring for a loved one in case of hospitalization. Unlike car loans or hone loans you need not be limited with ow the money will be used. You can utilize a personal loan from MoneyView as per your requirement. This makes us a useful provider for a Personal loan in Chennai.

Interested to know more about availing personal loans in Chennai? You will get all the information you need on the app. Downloading the app not just lets you apply for a loan, but it also provides you with the status of your application, the verification of your documents, and notifies you when your EMI due date approaches.


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For Salaried – Min ₹ 14,000 In Hand Salary
For Self Employed – Min. ₹ 25,000 Income with 2 years Income Tax Return Filed

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