Formerly known as Cannanore under the British Raj, Kannur is an important city in the Southern State of Kerala. It is one of the largest cities down south and houses a population of over a million.

It is often regarded as the Crown of Kerala, solely because of its natural richness. This city is fenced by the Western Ghats in the East, Lakshadweep in the West, and Kasargod in the North. This city is also called The City of Looms and Lores because of an endless array of fine textile loom industries here, and the vivid cultural arts practiced here.

This city has many advantages, as it also is strategically important, in terms of military. The Indian Naval Academy is just a little North of Kannur City. A city that satiates so many needs is bound to be one of the prized jewels.

Finances in Kannur

In a city so densely populated, getting around a personal loan in Kannur may not be all that easy. Especially, when it comes to Multinational banks that have a series of protocols in place to ensure there is no fraud at the end of the day. Their precaution is however your drawback, as these banks take forever to get you approved on your loan.

Opportunities do not wait as long as it takes for your loan to be approved. Alternatively, people immediately think of private finance in Kannur. Private financiers may offer you loans instantly, but burden you with heavy interest rates, which may counter the ease which a loan essentially was made to provide.

The need for a personal loan could pop out of the blues. It could be to get your house renovated, as you feel your house could really do with a makeover. Or it could be the acceptance at that high-end university you have been waiting for far too long. It could even be that absolutely perfect deal while buying a house, which will finally allow you to paste your name outside a door.

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What is MoneyView?

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Why MoneyView and not trusted Local/ Multinational banks?

Does your bank not make you go through tonnes of paperwork? Does your bank allow flexibility in the loans it gives out? Do you get to call the shots on the repayment of your loan?

Guess not. But with MoneyView, you get to do all of these, as we enlist the features that give us an edge over other money lenders in Kannur.

  • Instant Loans: You would no longer have to wait for your loan to get approval. Once you download the app and submit your documents online, your online loan reaches you within a span of hours so that none of your endeavors face the stop sign from your end.
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To wrap it up

Getting a personal loan in Kannur was never so easy. All you need to do is get the app, which not only lets you apply for loans but also manages your monthly expenses based on your expenditures, and keeps a tab on your savings. It also sends you timely reminders of when your next Loan EMI is up, so that you do not miss them out.