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The Pride of Gujarat

Rajkot is the fourth largest city in the state of Gujarat and the 35th largest urban agglomeration in all India as it has a dense population of over 1.2 million. That being said about the city’s size and strength, Rajkot is also known to be one of the cleanest cities in India, as it is ranked to be the 18th cleanest city of the Nation.

Progress-wise, this city is exponentially rising as it has earned itself the title of the 22nd fastest growing city in the world. Real estate has been a major contributor to the rise of this city, and the immense industrial opportunities that prevail here make the city one desirable location to settle in.

Quite often, one would be under the impression that getting a personal loan in Rajkot may be comparatively easier, looking at all the accolades the city has accomplished for being an economically progressive city.

However, that is not how the reality unfolds here in the Royal city of Rajkot

Finances in Rajkot

Though it cannot be denied that there is a wide array of multinational banks and private financers here, they still happen to be following the traditional methods of loan approval – which involves loads of paperwork, and waiting for days and weeks to have your loan approved.

A shortage of funds is something natural in today’s day and age. You never know when an emergency arises, and having it dig into your hard earned savings is painful to say the least.

Private finance in Rajkot promises you to help you with your financial issue, but more often than not, these services are either too tedious, or contain hidden charges and terms which make repayment a tougher task than you would have imagined.

Even Bajaj Finance Rajkot has a large list of eligibility criteria to abide by, without which getting an instant cash loan here gets difficult.

How Do I Get Easy Personal Loans In Rajkot?

A personal loan without documents in Rajkot is wearisome. Banks usually follow protocol here, which would definitely not entertain a loan application without documents being procured.

However, getting a personal loan in Rajkot with MoneyView is effortless. The MoneyView app makes applying for a loan easier than ever. Not just loans, but you get access to a world of features that ensure all your financial woes falling under one roof.

Here is a glimpse of some of the best features you would get to experience with MoneyView:

  • It is fast and efficient: Gone are those primitive days when you would have to wait for days at end to get your desired loan amount. With MoneyView, you apply for the loan online, and our speedy verification policy ensures that you have your desired loan amount with you within a span of hours. You can apply for an amount from anywhere between Rs 10,000 to Rs 5 lacs, through the MoneyView app.
  • It is simple: With a paperless interface in place, you would not have to scurry around gathering your documents whenever there is a need to get a loan. From the moment you apply for a loan, till you pay the last instalment of your personal loan in Rajkot, everything is done online. This ensures your loans reaching you faster, and also renders you mobility to apply for a loan from anywhere, anytime.
  • Flexible: You get to structure your loans as per your convenience, with flexible loans from MoneyView. Instead of making you comply with rigid repayment structures, we allow you to choose the repayment tenure that fits your finances best. You get to pay your principal from anywhere between 3-12 months, thereby giving you the chance to span out your loan and not having it fall too heavy on your monthly expenses.


Personal loan in Rajkot can get demanding at times. MoneyView not just offers your utmost financial assistance, but also provides you a world of other features like managing your expenses, and reminding you of your upcoming EMI payments, so that you do not go amiss on your regular payments.

These and many more such enthralling features await you. Download the app and find those out for yourself here.


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Select a suitable instant loan offer and repayment term from multiple options

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