HDFC Home Loan EMI Calculator

Your monthly EMI is


16.00% interest rate per annum

Total Interest


Total Amount


  • Loan Amount

  • Total interest

Loan Amount

Min ₹5K

Max ₹60L

Rate of Interest

Min 6%

Max 36%

Loan Tenure

Min 3 months

Max 72 months

EMI Schedule

Month Opening Balance Interest Principal Closing Balance
Sep '23 ₹ 10,00,000s ₹ 13,333 ₹ 1,61,196 ₹ 8,38,803
Oct '23 ₹ 8,38,803 ₹ 11,184 ₹ 1,63,345 ₹ 6,75,457
Nov '23 ₹ 6,75,457 ₹ 9,006 ₹ 1,65,523 ₹ 5,09,933
Dec '23 ₹ 5,09,933 ₹ 6,799 ₹ 1,67,730 ₹ 3,42,202
Jan '24 ₹ 3,42,202 ₹ 4,563 ₹ 1,69,967 ₹ 1,72,235
Feb '24 ₹ 1,72,235 ₹ 2,296 ₹ 1,72,233 ₹0.00

About HDFC Bank

HDFC is an Indian banking and financial services company established in 1994 and headquartered in Mumbai. It offers various retail and wholesale banking services across India.

Steps to Apply for a Home Loan

  1. On the lender's website, choose ‘Apply for home loan’

  2. Next, check your eligible loan amount by providing a few basic details

  3. After that, select a suitable loan and tenure plan, and upload all your documents

  4. Pay the application processing fee and click ‘Submit’ to complete the process

Factors Affecting HDFC Bank Home Loan EMI 

HDFC bank home loan EMI varies for each individual depending on several factors. The key impacting factors are -  

  • Employment status

  • Income

  • CIBIL score

  • Repayment capacity

  • Salaried or self-employed

  • Nationality of the Borrower


Home loan comes with various costs involved, one of which is the monthly EMI. Moneyview’s HDFC home loan EMI calculator allows you to plan your finances early by accurately calculating the EMI you have to pay every month. 

Take control of your finances today with our HDFC bank home loan EMI calculator.

HDFC Bank Home Loan EMI Related FAQs

Currently, HDFC home loan interest rates start at 8.60%. HDFC home loan interest rates vary depending on your gender, type of employment, and loan amount. 

Yes. You can easily apply for HDFC home loans online through their website or mobile banking application. 

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