SBI Home Loan EMI Calculator

Your monthly EMI is


16.00% interest rate per annum

Total Interest


Total Amount


  • Loan Amount

  • Total interest

Loan Amount

Min ₹5K

Max ₹60L

Rate of Interest

Min 6%

Max 36%

Loan Tenure

Min 3 months

Max 72 months

EMI Schedule

Month Opening Balance Interest Principal Closing Balance
Sep '23 ₹ 10,00,000s ₹ 13,333 ₹ 1,61,196 ₹ 8,38,803
Oct '23 ₹ 8,38,803 ₹ 11,184 ₹ 1,63,345 ₹ 6,75,457
Nov '23 ₹ 6,75,457 ₹ 9,006 ₹ 1,65,523 ₹ 5,09,933
Dec '23 ₹ 5,09,933 ₹ 6,799 ₹ 1,67,730 ₹ 3,42,202
Jan '24 ₹ 3,42,202 ₹ 4,563 ₹ 1,69,967 ₹ 1,72,235
Feb '24 ₹ 1,72,235 ₹ 2,296 ₹ 1,72,233 ₹0.00

About State Bank of India (SBI)

The State Bank of India or SBI, is an Indian multinational public sector bank that offers diversified financial services to all Indians. SBI continues to revolutionize banking in India, aiming to provide responsible and sustainable banking solutions.

Steps to Apply for a Home Loan

  1. Through the lender’s website or the app, go to the loans section and select the home loan option

  2. Provide your date of birth, income, details of other loans, and check your eligibility for the loan

  3. Check your eligible loan amount and then select the tenure

  4. Submit the application to initiate the loan approval process

Factors Affecting SBI Bank Home Loan EMI 

Moneyview’s SBI Bank Home Loan EMI Calculator gives accurate results in mere seconds. The calculated EMI is affected by various factors, such as - 

  • Type of Interest

  • Loan-to-Value (LTV) Ratio

  • Credit Score

  • Location of the Property

  • Job Profile

  • Tenure of the Loan


Home loan is a huge responsibility. Hence, it is crucial to calculate all the costs involved such as EMI, before taking it. With Moneyview’s SBI home loan EMI calculator, you can find out your EMI in mere seconds. 

Take control of your finances today with our SBI bank home loan EMI calculator.

SBI Home Loan EMI Calculator - Related FAQs

As per the information provided on the SBI website, the interest for a regular home loan currently starts at 9.15%. SBI offers different types of home loans, hence contact the bank directly to understand your home loan interest rates.

Your EMI depends on various factors such as tenure, interest rate, and more. Use Moneyview’s SBI bank home loan EMI calculator to accurately calculate your EMI. 

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