PNB Personal Loan EMI Calculator

Your monthly EMI is


16.00% interest rate per annum

Total Interest


Total Amount


  • Loan Amount

  • Total interest

Loan Amount

Min ₹5K

Max ₹60L

Rate of Interest

Min 6%

Max 36%

Loan Tenure

Min 3 months

Max 72 months

EMI Schedule

Month Opening Balance Interest Principal Closing Balance
Sep '23 ₹ 10,00,000s ₹ 13,333 ₹ 1,61,196 ₹ 8,38,803
Oct '23 ₹ 8,38,803 ₹ 11,184 ₹ 1,63,345 ₹ 6,75,457
Nov '23 ₹ 6,75,457 ₹ 9,006 ₹ 1,65,523 ₹ 5,09,933
Dec '23 ₹ 5,09,933 ₹ 6,799 ₹ 1,67,730 ₹ 3,42,202
Jan '24 ₹ 3,42,202 ₹ 4,563 ₹ 1,69,967 ₹ 1,72,235
Feb '24 ₹ 1,72,235 ₹ 2,296 ₹ 1,72,233 ₹0.00

About Punjab National Bank

Established in May 1984, Punjab National Bank, or PNB is a public sector bank headquartered in Delhi. PNB has over 180 million customers, 12,248 branches, and 13,000+ ATMs across India.

Steps to Apply for a Personal Loan

  1. Log into the lender’s app or website using your mobile number or email ID.

  2. Find the personal loan section, enter your details, and check your eligibility.

  3. Upload your documents and enter the loan amount.

  4. Choose your tenure and click on ‘Apply Now’.

Factors Affecting PNB Personal Loan EMI

EMIs depend on interest rates which vary based on a variety of factors such as -

  • Credit score of the applicant

  • Age of the applicant

  • Tenure selected by the applicant

  • Loan amount applied for by the applicant


Checking your EMI before applying for a loan gives an idea of the EMIs you must pay. That helps you plan ahead of time and pay off the loan without stress.

Moneyview’s PNB personal loan EMI calculator brings the calculation of EMIs to your fingertips. To apply for instant personal loans, head over to the Moneyview app.

PNB Personal Loan EMI Calculator - Related FAQs

The rate of interest will vary based on individual customers. In general, the interest rates for Punjab National Bank personal loans range from 12.40% to 17.95%.

All you have to do is enter the loan amount, rate of interest, and tenure. The calculator will tell you the EMI amount, the total amount, and the total interest amount that you have to pay.

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